‘EA Sports FC’ is the new name of FIFA?: EA to rename it soon

The EA Sports FC is the name leaked for the edition of the football game by EA Sports after FIFA 23!

EA Sports FC
EA Sports FC will be next name for FIFA

FIFA has been synonymous with EA Sports for a long time because of its long-time partnership. But reports state that EA will soon rename the game to ‘EA Sports FC’ due to unavoidable circumstances as they part ways with the football giant.

Earlier in the year, there were several reports of the split between EA Sports and FIFA based on financial issues. The contract with FIFA will be expiring in 2022 and the negotiations to renew it had broken down earlier. EA Sports is now looking to move forward with its name and drop the partnership with FIFA completely, by changing the name of its biggest football franchise.

Here are the reports for the name change of FIFA to EA Sports FC, which is pretty much confirmed.

EA Sports FC is the new name for FIFA!

EA Sports FC
EA Sports FC new face of FIFA

FIFA and EA had been synonymous with each other due to their best-selling sports game, FIFA. however, they are soon to part ways and the game will be rebranded as a result!

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Last year, a report came out of the split between EA and FIFA due to some issues, and EA had expressed their wish to diversify their game after the split. However, things have been quiet since then, up until now.

A recent report has leaked that the split is now confirmed and a new name for the game has been revealed by EA Sports. The name will officially be EA Sports FC (Football Club), and it will be the rebranded football game. It has also been confirmed that FIFA 23 will be the last project in which both the brands will be featured together.


The split is expected to hurt FIFA more than EA, as the game has millions of fans across the globe, who will stay with EA after the split. This split came about because of increased demand from FIFA, which was deemed ridiculous by EA. This led to the contract breaking down and this new reveal by EA Sports.

However, further future developments will be exciting to see, as this will majorly affect the direction of the game and the fan base.

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