Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2 in FIFA 22: Full list of players!

Here are the stats of all the players in the new Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2 in FIFA 22!

Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2
Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2

FIFA 22 has finally released the last team for the current running promo event in the game and it features some amazing players. Here are the Fnastsy FUT Mini Release 2 players in FIFA 22 along with all their stats.

FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT has been one of the best promos that has released in this edition and it started from the mid of March wand will end at the start of April. This promo features dynamic player items that will be upgraded based on certain criteria in matches starting from 1st April 2022. Players are eligible to get a +3 OVR rating if all the criteria are fulfilled and it can make the player roster much better,

Here is Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2 in FIFA 22 with the complete list of players.

Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2

Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2
Fantasy FUT Mini Release 2

The Fantasy FUT has been an eventful promo with many great promo items being released over the duration of the promo.

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The Team 1 and Mini Release 1 for the promo event have been released early into the promo and featured a total of 16 player items. These had great stats and players could obtain them through packs. They were soon replaced by the Team 2 of the Fantasy FUT that released yet another 13 player items in the packs.

However, another small release was made in the packs as the Mini Release 2 on 27th March 2022, and it featured a total of 3 new players. The player items released were as follows:

Aourar (OVR 90)

  • Pace: 90
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Shooting: 88
  • Defense: 77
  • Passing: 89
  • Physical: 82

Merino (OVR 87)

  • Pace: 83
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Shooting: 83
  • Defense: 85
  • Passing: 85
  • Physical: 85

Alvarez (OVR 87)

  • Pace: 83
  • Dribbling: 84
  • Shooting: 60
  • Defense: 87
  • Passing: 83
  • Physical: 91
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These player items are all eligible for a +3 OVr upgrade if they fulfill certain conditions and are definitely worth getting your hands on. It will be staying in the packs till the end of the promo and players have a slight chance of getting them if they are lucky.

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