Featured TOTW Sanchez FIFA 22: Stats and comparison!

Here are the complete stat for the TOTW Featured Sanchez FIFA 22 player item and a basic comparison!

Sanchez FIFA 22
Sanchez FIFA 22 TOTW featured

FIFA 22 has released many player items. challenges and SBCs to complete for today. a new featured player from the TOTW has been released and it is none other than Sanchez FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 has many week, daily and monthly running events that reward the player or introduce new items in the game. The Team of the Week event is released every week in the game with some list of the player items being added. This features the best players in the week who have performed considerably well during this time. They are therefore, very desirable to obtain and also contain special art and stats.

Here is all about the Featured TOTW Sanchez FIFA 22 with previous stats compared.

Featured Team of the Week item: Sanchez FIFA 22

Sanchez FIFA 22
Sanchez FIFA 22 TOTW featured

FIFA 22 Featured TOTW items are new type of player item that celebrates the performance of a certain Team of the Week player.

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These can be identified by the star icon on the top of their OVR rating score. These will receive a +2 OVR rating boost that will stay in the game for the whole edition. The last one was Federico Bernardeschi and since then have received the current one.

This is a the 16th TOTW featured item and features Davinson Sanchez FIFA 22 player item who has been boosted considerably.

Down here we compare his base Gold card with his TOTW Sanchez FIFA 22 player item.

Sanchez Gold (OVR 79 rated)

  • Pace: 75
  • Dribbling: 65
  • Shooting: 45
  • Defense: 80
  • Passing: 55
  • Physical: 80
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Featured TOTW Sanchez FIFA22 (OVR 84 rated)

  • Pace: 80
  • Dribbling: 71
  • Shooting: 50
  • Defense: 85
  • Passing: 61
  • Physical: 85

As we can see the card is massively boosted with almost all stats increased significantly. With an Overall leap in rating of almost 5, this makes it a great card to get.

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