FIFA 22: 25K Premium Gold Player’s Pack is Out! (11th September)

FIFA 22: 25K Premium Gold Player’s Pack is Out! (11th September)

EA Sports' FIFA 23 releases on September 30, marking the end of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cycle

FIFA 23 is approaching us fast, with not more than a couple of weeks to go until its release and confirming the ending of the FIFA 22 cycle. The game is scheduled for release on September 30, and 3 days earlier on September 27 for those people who bought the Ultimate Edition and hence have early access to the game.

EA Sports has released the Pre-Season promo in FIFA 22 to mark the final event of the game. The Pre-Season promo aims to tide over players of FIFA 22 to the new game once it releases by providing incentives for them to shift to the new game. These incentives are in the form of rewards which are useable in both FUT 22, and FUT 23 once it releases.

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25K Premium Gold Player’s Pack is Out in FIFA 22!

FIFA 22: 25K Premium Gold Player's Pack is Out! (11th September)
The 25K Premium Gold Player’s Pack provides a good opportunity to land some top players in the game

The Premium Gold Players Pack in FIFA 22 includes 12 Gold players, and 3 Rare players. The price of the pack is 25000 (25k) coins and 300 FIFA points. It is a player’s pack, meaning only players will be received from this pack. There will be no Managers, Contracts, Consumables, or anything else.

The 25K Premium Gold Player’s Pack is part of the latest FUT Content. EA has been releasing and re-releasing many quality SBCs of late as well, due to us being in the closing stages of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cycle. The 25K Premium Gold Player’s Pack is available In-Store or can be earned as a reward or gift.

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EA is giving players of FIFA 22 more opportunities and second chances of late since we are nearing the end of the FUT 22 cycle. Players of the game who might have missed out on some great SBCs earlier in the season now are getting second chances to grab a hold of some of the best players in the game before FIFA 22 ends.

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FIFA 23 is highly anticipated, and is carrying a lot of hype with it. There are so many new features in the game. There are several new aspects and dimensions to the game that have never been seen before in any of the previous FIFA editions released by EA. Some game mode interfaces in the game have been entirely restructured too, which aims to bring the ultimate gaming experience to the user.

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