FIFA 22: Beast Koulibaly Player Moments SBC on the Way!

FIFA 22: Beast Koulibaly Player Moments SBC on the Way!

A deadly Koulibaly Player Moments SBC is on the way!

FIFA 22 is approaching its final stages, with the FUT 22 cycle soon to be closed in a matter of weeks. This is a result of the fast approaching and highly anticipated release of EA Sports’ FIFA 23. The new game is scheduled for release on September 30 (September 27 for those who have early access to the game).

The launch of the Pre-Season event in FIFA 22 marked the final promo of the FUT 22 cycle. Pre-Season refers to the event launched in the game by EA, which aims to shift users from FIFA 22, to the new game once it releases. They plan to achieve this by providing incentives in the form of certain rewards in the event which are useable in both FUT 22, and FUT 23! A Koulibaly Player Moments SBC has been deemed to be the latest addition in Pre-Season, have a look below to know more.

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Kalidou Koulibaly Player Moments SBC Leaked in FIFA 22!

FIFA 22: Beast Koulibaly Player Moments SBC on the Way!
The Player Moments Koulibaly is bound to be a beast just like he is in real life!

Koulibaly is set to be the latest player to receive a Player Moments version of himself. EA has been unveiling many items in the game as we are reaching the final stages of it. The idea behind releasing and re-releasing many quality SBCs and Player Cards is to provide players of the game a second chance to snatch up some of the best players in the game they might have missed out on earlier in the season before the FIFA 22 cycle ends.

Koulibaly recently completed his summer transfer from Napoli to Chelsea, and has had a rocky start to life at his new club, including receiving a red card. However, we have seen bits and pieces of what the player is capable of here and there. He is really difficult to get past and has immense strength as well. Koulibaly is bound to take his team to new heights sooner or later.

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The leak that there will be a Koulibaly SBC released in the game over the next few days comes from none other than Fut Sheriff himself. Fut Sheriff has accurately leaked many of the recent Player Moments cards ahead of their release in the game. These include cards of players such as Antonio Rudiger, Paulo Dybala, Nick Pope, Raheem Sterling, and many more. Therefore it is safe to say we can expect a Koulibaly Player Moments SBC to be released in FIFA 22 over the the couple of days.

YouTube: Dylan Banks | AussieFifa HD

Koulibaly is set to receive a Player Moments version of himself in celebration of his summer move to Chelsea. Although the stats of this card are only a prediction by Fut Sheriff, the official stats won’t be too far off as compared to these stats in the tweet. This Koulibaly Player Moments SBC soon to be released by EA is going to be absolutely menacing. Keep an eye out for this one, you could torment the opposition attacker with this player card.

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