FIFA 22 FUT Birthday leaks: When is the promo coming to the game?

Here are some leaks and details about the upcoming FIFA 22 FUT Birthday promo event!

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday
FIFA 22 FUT Birthday

FIFA 22 has been regularly running events in the game for the players to participate in and win rewards. There have been rumors of FIFA 22 FUT Birthday being released much earlier than anticipated and we take a look at them.

FIFA 22 has been running the Silver Stars promo event in the game currently but another one has already been leaked. This will be the FUT birthday event which is supposed to arrive later in the month of March but is being rumored to release this week only. This will be quite strange if true because the FUT anniversary day is not until 19th March 2022.

Here are some leaks and details for the FIFA 22 FUT Birthday promo event.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Leaks

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday
FIFA 22 FUT Birthday

The FUT Birthday is one of the most popular promos in the game that recurs every year only one time. This is to basically celebrate the FUT game mode’s birthday.

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The FIFA 22 FUT Birthday is an event that celebrates the Ultimate team game mode anniversary every year. It appears every year and contains many great items including promo packs, themed items, events like SBCs, and objectives. It will also have great player items that will be highly rated and also have custom arts. This year it will be celebrating the 13th anniversary of FUT.

The original promo for the FUT Birthday was supposed to arrive on 25th March 2022, but Twitter @FutSheriff has leaked that the promo might be released as early as 4th March 2022. This information has also been shared by other FIFA news accounts on Twitter.

The Token system is apparently making a comeback this promo and players must save up for redeeming great items.

YouTube: TheFutAccountant

The leaks are not yet completely confirmed, but the community will get to know soon with the first Friday of March coming in 2 days.

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