FIFA 22 FUT Captains promo set to feature Icon Moments SBC regularly!

The FIFA 22 FUT Captains will feature Icon Moments cards in new SBCs daily!

FIFA 22 FUT Captains
FIFA 22 FUT Captains

FIFA 22 is all set to reveal its latest promo in the game after a week of Showdown and it is the FUT Captains promo. However, if the recent leaks are true, then players can get some great player items during this time.

The Fantasy FUT promo event had just left the game at the start of April and a new promo will make its way into the game soon. This is the much-awaited FUT Captains promo event that will be starting in the game today. This will feature some of the best player items being released under it through new SBCs and objectives. However, the big reveal this time seems to be the inclusion of Prime Icon Moments cards in the roster of events under the promo.

Prime Icon Moments SBC: Regular under FIFA 22 FUT Captains?

FIFA 22 FUT Captains
FIFA 22 FUT Captains

The Icon cards are one of the most desirable items in the whole game of FIFA and rarely appear in the game through events.

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These player items are divided into tiers and these are – The base icon, Mid icon, Prime icon, and Prime Icon Moments. The Prime Icon Moments are the highest-rated player item in the Icon tier list and feature the best stats for the player. The Icon cards also feature some of the legendary football players from the past and they are given amazing stats to reflect their performance and status.

The leak for the FIFA 22 FUT Captains was showcased on @FutSheriff‘s twitter and might be very true. The post stated that this will be made into an event to celebrate national teams or club captains. however, players will want a huge amount of fodder to start completing these events, as they will be very pricey considering their rarity.

YouTube: TheFutAccountant

The FIFA 22 FUT Captains promo has been leaked to have some pretty decent player items and the addition of the regular Icon Moments SBCs might make it one of the best promos yet in the 22nd edition of FIFA.

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