FIFA 22 TOTY XI Announcement: List of all the players and ratings!

Here is the list of the all the player items in the recent FIFA 22 TOTY XI roster!

FIFA 22 TOTY XI roster

FIFA 22 Team of the Year has finally arrived in the game with a roster of players that and some great SBCs. Here is a complete list of players in the FIFA 22 TOTY XI team that was released today!

FIFA 22 has teased the Team of the Year event since the start of January with rosters of the best players from last year. The player items will feature custom art and also some amazing player stats that will reflect their performance from last year. The voting process for the players is over and the FIFA 22 TOTY XI team has been revealed with some amazing players forming the line-up.

Here is the complete line-up for FIFA 22 TOTY XI roster and their ratings.



FIFA 22 Team of the Year for 2021 is now out and players can find some of the great players from last year in it.

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The Team of the Year releases every year and features some of the great player items in the game. The current list of players feature the following:

  • Lewandowski OVR 98
  • Messi OVR 98
  • Mbappe OVR 97
  • Jorginho OVR 97
  • Ruben Dias OVR 97
  • De Bruyne OVR 96
  • Kante OVR 96
  • Donnarumma OVR 96
  • Marquinmos OVR 95
  • Joao Cancelo OVR 94
  • Hakimi OVR 93

These are the starting cards of the series of event and are made available in packs. However, the chances of obtaining them is significantly rare. The cost of one card is incomparable to other promos and players will be lucky to get their hands on them. These 11 cards will be available in packs from 21st January till 28th January, 2022.

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The attackers come first, after which the midfielders will follow up, followed by Defender cards and lastly the Goalkeeper. Players can also look out for other TOTY SBCs that appear in the game in this event to get some freebies!

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