FUT Birthday Tour 2 Objectives in FIFA 22: Are they bugged?

Here are some details for the FUT Birthday Tour 2 Objectives in FIFA 22 that seems to be bugged.

FUT Birthday Tour 2
FUT Birthday Tour 2 Objectives bugged?

FIFA 22 has been releasing constant events under the FUT Birthday promo event and new objectives offer some great player packs. Here are some of the recent issues with the new

Objectives in FIFA 22 have been released regularly under this edition and also a new promo event has been released. This is the FUT Birthday promo event and is being commemorated for the 13th anniversary of the FUT game mode. This game mode has brought in some great player items with permanent upgrades to Weak Foot and Skill Moves and also some of the best OVR ratings.

With every new release, players are finding more bugs in the missions. There are some in the FUT Birthday Tour 2 Objectives that have been released today.

FUT Birthday Tour 2 Objectives: Bugged?

FUT Birthday Tour 2
FUT Birthday Tour 2

These objectives have been released under the FUT Birthday banner and contain simple tasks for the players. However, it seems to have some glaring problems that are preventing players from completing it.

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Players can complete a series of objective missions in order to unlock some great promo packs and these might have a chance to get some great player items. Moreover, the FUT Birthday items are now in the packs and players might get a chance to get these if they are lucky.

The FUT Birthday Tour 2 objectives for this one contain a total of 7 Objectives and players can complete them to get player packs. However, with feedback incoming from the community, it seems there are some issues with this event and players might not be able to complete it anytime soon.

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Many players have been complaining about the progress meter being bugged in this event. The events are being completed but the progress meter is not filling up. The issue has been posted on the forums of the EA help Desk.

Players can expect it to be fixed soon in the game, but they should refrain from completing it till then.

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