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How to complete the 85+ x5 Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 today?

Here is how to get the new 85+ x5 Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 today to get some decent rewards!

85+ x5 Upgrade SBC

FIFA 22 has some great running SBCs in the game for today and players can get some high-rated player items. Here is how to complete the 85+ x5 Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 to get some great rewards.

FIFA 22 has released some great events in the game and includes objectives, SBCs, and challenges. The Shapeshifter promo event is currently running in the game as well with a variety of items and players under the banner. The players are getting positional changes and also some high OVR ratings that can be a great addition to the player roster. Here is how to complete the 85+ x5 Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 today.

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85+ x5 Upgrade SBC

85+ x5 Upgrade SBC

This new SBC will be giving the players some of the highest-rated player items in the game and that too in a set of 5. Players can be quite lucky and get these player items at a cheap cost compared to the packs.

The requirements to complete the event are as follows:

  • IF + TOTS Players: Minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 55
  • 11 players in the squad
YouTube: AuzioMF

It will be costing the players approximately 87000-105000 FUT coins to complete from scratch. However, the cost should be reduced by the players a bit to make it economical.

It will be staying in the game for 3 more days and it is repeatable in nature. Upon completion, players will get 5 Rare Gold Players rated 85 OVR or higher.

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