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How to complete the Future Stars Challenge 9 SBC in FIFA 22?

Here is how to complete the new Future Stars Challenge 9 Squad Building Challenge in the game!

Future Stars Challenge 9 SBC

FIFA 22 Future Stars promo event is now live in the game and players can participate in it to get some awesome player items. Here is how to complete the Future Stars Challenge 9 SBC in FIFA 22 for today.

The Future Stars promo event followed the Team of the Year event and featured some great events and player items. These player items are boosted and have amazing stats that can be quite beneficial for the player roster. This promo event features some of the young and hot talents in the world of football and gives them great stats to attribute their performance.

Here is a complete guide on how to finish the Future Stars Challenge 9 SBC in FIFA 22.

Future Stars Challenge 9

Future Stars Challenge 9 SBC

Many events have been released under this Future Star event and the challenges SBCs are an integral part of them.

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The FS Challenges are daily events that appear in the game regularly and players can complete them to get rewards. This can reward the players with player packs, which have a chance to contain some great Future Stars player items.

The new Challenge features double rewards as there is a new FS Swaps Token to be obtained. The requirements for the Future Stars Challenge 9 are:

  • Leagues: Maximum 4
  • Same League Count: Maximum 4
  • Same Club Count: Minimum 2
  • Rare: Minimum 2
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 75
  • 11 players in the squad
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The approximate cost of completing this SBC will be around 5000-6000 FUT coins at most. This is a single task so it is relatively cheaper than most of the SBCs. However, the cost can further be cut down using fodder from your inventory.

The SBC will stay in the game for only 48 hours more and players can complete it only one time. This is non-repeatable in nature and has the potential for double rewards. Players will get a Gold Players pack and a Future Stars Swaps token upon completion.

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