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How to complete the Hygge Kit SBC in FIFA 22?

Here is how to obtain the new Hygge Kit SBC in FIFA 22 by finishing some simple tasks!

Hygge Kit SBC FIFA 22

FIFA 22 has released a number of SBCs in the game for today and they have a variety of rewards. Here is the Hygge Kit SBC in FIFA 22 and the requirements required to complete it.

SBCs in FIFA have been releasing at a rapid pace under the Warmup Series in the TOTY promo event. The Team of the Year event is going to be the biggest event for the month of January and will feature some of the best player items from the best footballers from last year. The SBCs features some great promo packs for the players to get and also a new Hygge Kit in the game.

Here is how to complete the Hygge Kit SBC in FIFA 22 and get the reward.

Hygge Kit SBC in FIFA 22

Hygge Kit SBC in FIFA 22

This is a new SBC for the 21st of January, and features a new Kit that will be made available for a single-task SBC.

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The requirements for the SBCs are as follows:

  • Minimum Gold Players: 2
  • Minimum Silver Players: 11
  • Cubs: Minimum 3
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 40
  • Minimum players from Denmark: 1
  • Players from Same League: Maximum 4
  • Total number of players in the squad: 9

Players will need approximate about 10000-15000 FUT coins in order to complete the SBC. However, this cost can be brought down significantly using the fodder in your inventory.


But players need to be careful as the TOTY event has started and requires a massive amount of fodder to complete. Players will get a Hygge Kit upon completing the SBC in the game for today.

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