How to complete the Matip FIFA 22 POTM (Player of the Month) SBC?

Here is how to complete the new Matip FIFA 22 POTM player SBC to get the item!

Matip FIFA 22
Matip FIFA 22 POTM

FIFA 22 Player of the Month has released two new player items in the game today from different leagues. Here is how to complete the Matip FIFA 22 POTM SBC to get the new player item.

FIFA has many running events in the game that the players can participate in to get rewarded with great items. One of the regularly occurring monthly events is the POTM or Player of the Month event. This event selects the best player from the previous month from a particular league and rewards them with a great player item in the game with great stats and custom art. These cards are highly desirable and the players are selected by developers and then voted by the community.

Here is how to obtain the Matip FIFA 22 POTM player item from a new SBC.

Matip FIFA 22 POTM (Premier League February)

Matip FIFA 22
Matip FIFA 22 POTM

Matip is the new Player of the Month for the month of February 2022 for the Premier league division and has obtained a great card. He has an OVR rating of 86 and great stats in Defense and Physical.

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The complete stats for the card are as follows:

  • Pace: 63
  • Dribbling: 71
  • Shooting: 49
  • Defense: 88
  • Passing: 71
  • Physical: 84

SBCs to complete

Players need to complete only one SBC in order to complete the mission and unlock the player item. The following requirements are needed for the task:

  • Minimum 1 players from Premier league
  • Minimum 83 Team Overall rating
  • Minimum 75 Team Chemistry
  • 11 players in the squad
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This will take the players approximately 13800-15500 FUT Coins to complete from scratch. This cost can be significantly cut down using fodder from player inventory.

It will stay in the game for 30 days to be completed and is non-repetable in nature. Players will get the Matip FIFA 22 POTM player item upon completion.

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