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How to complete the TOTY Challenge 4 SBC in FIFA 22 (12th August)?

The TOTY Challenge 4 will be giving the players some new player packs and also some new Summer Swaps 2 tokens.

TOTY Challenge 4

FIFA 22 is releasing regular events in the game that are giving the players some items and packs before the end of the edition. Here is how to complete the TOTY Challenge 4 SBC in FIFA 22 today and get a new Summer Swaps 2 token.


The FIFA 22 Futties event has brought back some of the best events and player items in this edition. The events from the Shapeshifters, Team of the Year, Team of the Season, FUT Birthday, and many others are appearing one after another. The single-task SBCs are making an appearance as well with new tasks and rewards.

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TOTY Challenge 4 SBC

TOTY Challenge 4

This challenge comes from the team of the year series of promo events in the game that featured the best players from the year and gave them significantly buffed player items. The event had expired but has made a comeback under the Futties promo event.

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There are two new SBCs in the game and here are the requirements to complete for this one:

  • Same league Count: Maximum 6
  • Same Club Count: Maximum 3
  • Player Level: Minimum Silver
  • Rare: Minimum 8
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 70
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 85
  • 11 players in the squad

It will cost the players around 7000-26000 FUT coins to complete from scratch. However, the cost can be reduced using fodder from the player inventory.

It will be staying in the game for 2 more days and it is non-repeatable in nature. Upon completion, players will get a Rare Mixed Players Pack and a Lacroix Summer Swaps 2 token in FIFA 22.

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