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How to complete the TOTY Flash Challenge 4 in FIFA 22?

Here are the requirements needed to complete the latest FIFA 22 TOTY Flash Challenge 4!

TOTY Flash Challenge 4

FIFA 22 has released yet another Flash Challenge under the TOTY event and this one will be a bit longer than the others. Here is how to complete the TOTY Flash Challenge 4 in FIFA 22.

The Team of the Year promo event is finally live in the game and features many different events and such making their way into the game. The Team of the year is all set to be one of the biggest promos this edition and features some of the best player items in the game right now. Naturally many smaller SBCs would also be a part of this, and the Flash ones have one of the shortest durations.

Here is how to complete the TOTY Flash Challenge 4 in FIFA 22 fast!

TOTY Flash Challenge 4 in FIFA 22

TOTY Flash Challenge 4

Flash Challenges in FIFA 22 are not common and only become available on certain occassions and the TOTY promo seems to be one of them.

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This new SBC is a flash one, which means that it is only available in the game for a few hours before expiring. The Flash Challenges in the TOTY series is currently on the fourth one and features a new set of challenge and expiry time.

This challenge will stay in the game for 1 more hour from the time of writing and contains a single-task to complete. The requirements mentioned in the challenge are as follows:

  • Leagues: Minimum 3
  • Players from same country/region: Maximum 4
  • Players from one club: Minimum 3
  • Rare Players: Minimum 2
  • Team Overall rating: Minimum 75
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 85
  • 11 players in the squad
YouTube: Daan74

The cost of completion for this will be minimal, ranging around 3000-5000 FUT coins. The reward for completing this will be a Tradeable 82+ Rated Rare Player Pack which can have great player items if the players are lucky.

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