How to get the Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTS Primeira Liga card?

Here is how to get the new Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTS player item by finishing some SBCs!

Pedrinho FIFA 22
Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTS (image via.

A new TOTS team has been released into the packs today and naturally many new events have been added as a part of it. Here is how to unlock the Pedrinho FIFA 22 Primeira Liga player item through an SBC.

TOTS or team of the Season has been ongoing for quite a while now and will end soon in a few days. All of the prominent divisions in the world of football have obtained a new team under it and the latest one is the Primeira Liga division. This also contains 15 different players that have been added to the packs and can be obtained by the players if they are lucky. Moreover, some new SBCs are also featuring player items.

Here is how to obtain the new Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTS Primeira Liga player item.

Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTS

Pedrinho FIFA 22
Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTS

This new player item is from the Primeira Liga Team of the Season and features an OVR rating of 90 with great stats in Dribbling and Pace.

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  • Pace: 91
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Shooting: 89
  • Defense: 75
  • Passing: 90
  • Physical: 84

SBCs to complete

Players need to complete a total of 1 SBC in order to complete the tasks and obtain the player item. The single-task nature will ensure that the SBC stays cheap for everyone. It features the following requirements:

  • Number of players from Portugal: Minimum 1
  • IF + TOTS Players: Minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 84
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 75
  • 11 players in the squad
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The cost of completion, for the TOTS card, will be around 38000-41000 FUT coins. The cost can be reduced a bit using fodder from the player inventory.

It will be staying in the game for 6 more days and it is non-repeatable in nature. It will gift the player with the Pedrinho FIFA 22 TOTs player item.

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