Top 5 Goalkeepers Currently in FIFA 22 Mobile After Market Crash

Top 5 Goalkeepers Currently in FIFA 22 Mobile After Market Crash

You can get some top players in FIFA 22 Mobile following the market crash

After the recent crash in FIFA 22 Mobile, many players of the game can use this opportunity to snap up various top player items in the game as they will be available at lower prices following the Market crash. These opportunities don’t come too often, and come at a time just before the release of FIFA 23, so it gives players a chance to land buy some really good cards.

A market crash in FIFA is a sudden drop in item prices (especially player prices) on the transfer market. EA discount package deals and promotions usually cause market crashes. The more people buy packs during pack promotions, the more chances there are for players to be notified and listed on the market for packs, especially rare player packs. This causes the market to crash and the price range to drop. Have a look below to find the top 5 best goalkeepers to get following the market crash.

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Top 5 Goalkeepers to Buy in FIFA 22 Mobile Following Market Crash

Top 5 Goalkeepers Currently in FIFA 22 Mobile After Market Crash
FIFA 22 Mobile is available in the Google Play store and the App Store

Here are the top 5 goalkeepers to currently buy in FIFA 22 Mobile:

5. Petr Cech

The Chelsea legend, Petr Cech is definitely a player to keep on your top 5 list for best goalkeepers on FIFA 22 Mobile. Cech was an amazing goalkeeper, and made it a nightmare for strikers by denying their shots at the goal on multiple occasions. This 99 OVR rated version of the former Czech Republic goalkeeper is certainly one could consider snapping up at 29,000,000 coins following the market crash.

4. Mike Maignan

Maignan may not be known to many players of the game, but he certainly is a name players should be aware of now. The AC Milan and France goalkeeper is in great form and is very underrated. Maignan has a deadly card rated at an overall of 100, coming at a price of 33,000,000 coins which is a good rate, after the market crash.

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3. Thibaut Courtois

Real Madrid’s number 1 goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois is a fan favorite and is an incredible shot-stopper. He is also a bit underrated, and makes it to number 3 on the list. The 98-ratedTeam of the Season version should be the one to go after, and the value of 22,600,000 after the market crash is a good deal as well.

2. Edwin Van Der Sar

It is impossible to leave the Manchester United legend out of the list. In FIFA 22 Mobile, he is almost unbeatable at close range encounters, and striker have a very hard time trying to put the ball past him. This beast 98-rated Icon version of the player has a value of 40,200,000 coins.

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1. Gianluigi Donnarumma

The PSG goalkeeper is a prodigy, and has become world-class at such a young age. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world currently in real life, and the 101 OVR version of him in FIFA 22 Mobile makes him currently the best goalkeeper in the game. He is very expensive, but for the getting the best goalkeeper in the game, it is your decision. His value is 115,000,000 coins.

From the list it can be seen that Thibaut Courtois could be the ideal pick if you’re on a budget and can’t really go after the top 2. There are many top goalkeepers that you can get by taking advantage of the market crash in FIFA 22 Mobile. These opportunities don’t come too often and should definitely be made use of.

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