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When are the FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders releasing in packs?

The FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders will be added to game soon and here are the details about it!

FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders

FIFA 22 Team of the Year event is all set to be the biggest event for the month of January till February. Here are the details for the FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders and their release in the promo packs.

FIFA 22 is known for releasing some great events simultaneously with their daily and weekly events in the game. The latest one is the FIFA 22 Team of the Year event which started from mid-January and will end on February 1st, 2022. This small duration is offset by the amazing cards/players items that will be releasing under the promo. These card will receive boosted stats based on their performance from last year in real life.

The list of Midfielders contains some great cards and here are the FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders and the details for their dates and stats.

FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders

FIFA 22 TOTY Midfielders

The TOTY promo event has selected the best of the best players from last year and has narrowed them down to 11 players in total.

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These 11 players contains all the positions in the game including Attackers, Defenders, Midfielders and Goalkeepers. There are a total of 3 Attackers, 3 Midfielders, 4 Defenders and 1 Goalkeeper in the current TOTY XI team roster.

The currently nominated Midfielders and their stats are as follows:

  • De Bruyne OVR 96
  • Kante OVR 96
  • Jorginho OVR 97

These are the three midfielders that will be added to the promo packs today. The date of release is officially 23rd January, 2022. These cards will then be found for a whole duration of 4 days inside the promo packs. Players who are very lucky, might have a chance to obtain the cards from the packs.

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The Attackers/Forwards will be leaving the promo packs as of now, and will be replaced by the Midfielders. After 27th January, 2022, the Midfielders will then be replaced with the Defenders and Goalkeepers.

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