Who will be the 12th FIFA 22 TOTY player?

Here are the nominees for the FIFA 22 TOTY's 12th player to be added to the squad!


FIFA has started off with the TOTY promo event and it features some of the greatest players from the previous year. The 12th FIFA 22 TOTY player will soon be added to the game, and it depends on the player votes!

FIFA 22 Team of the Year event is the currently running promo event in the game featuring some of the best player items. This event will run on through the month of January, all the way until the first few days of February. The player items that are released during this will be the main attraction and players will like to get their hands on them.

The line-up for the 1st Team of TOTY has already been revealed and the 12th player will soon be added.

FIFA 22 TOTY: Who will be the 12th player?

FIFA 22 TOTY 12th vote (image via. Twitter: FIFAUTeam)

The FIFA 22 TOTY XI team featured 11 players in total featuring the best players from last year. It combines the Attackers, Defenders, Midfielders and Goalkeepers all in one.

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The list of players featured 3 Attackers, 3 Defenders, 4 Midfielders and 1 Goalkeeper. The TOTY forwards/attackers are currently available in the packs till tomorrow, but can be very hard to get because of their rarity.

The Defenders will be available next in the game, and will then be followed by the Midfielders and Goalkeepers.

However, EA Sports will soon add a 12th player to the FIFA 22 TOTY roster, which will be selected among the ones left behind in the nominee voting stage. Some of the fans are quite dismayed that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t featured in the top 3 Attacker nominations for the TOTY XI team.

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However, Ronaldo has a very high chance of getting featured in the game as the 12th player, due to being a fan favourite and also his great performance for the previous year. But, even so he might have some competition in Mohammed Salah and Benzema, who have also performed pretty well.

The voting procedure in FIFA 21 required the player to select one of the nominees from a Player Pick in FIFA Ultimate Team. This year it might be the same although the voting has not officially started yet.

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