FIFA 23 Crossplay: How to Play With Friends from Other Platforms

FIFA 23 crossplay will allow players from different platforms to play against each other for the first time in FIFA history. Read below to know more.

FIFA 23 Crossplay: How to Play With Friends from Other Platforms
FIFA 23 will have cross-play for the first time

After online friendly and online season crossplay testing in FIFA 22, FIFA 23 expands crossplay availability to more game modes and increases the number of platforms included. The new game allows crossplay for players of the same platform generation. The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC versions of the new game are cross-play compatible with each other.

Also, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 23 are cross-play compatible. Cross-play is now available in FIFA 23 for FUT Division Rivals (excluding Co-op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendlies (except Co-Op), FUT Play a Friend, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons (except Co-Op Seasons).

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Crossplay in FIFA 23 is Available in Various Game Modes

FIFA 23 Crossplay: How to Play With Friends from Other Platforms
Cross-play is available across various game modes in FIFA 23

The addition of FUT Crossplay in FIFA 23 adds cross-platform functionality to the FUT Transfer Market. FUT transfer markets will continue to be grouped into platform pools, with the exception of PC and Switch, which will remain separate by having their own transfer markets in the new game.

As per strong requests made by fans, cross-play will not directly affect gameplay in the new game. Therefore, only players of the same console generation can play against each other. The good thing about cross-play isn’t just being able to play with your friends. A much larger pool of players means faster matchmaking, which also means you’ll be playing against opponents of the same level more often.

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How to Enable Cross-play in the new game:

  1. From the main FIFA screen, go to [Customise]
  2. Select [Online Settings]
  3. Select [Matchmaking Options]
  4. Select [Online Settings]
  5. Choose ‘Yes’ for ‘Cross-Play Opt-in/Opt-out’. If you decide you don’t want cross-play, you just need to change it back to ‘No’
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Ultimate Team is the game mode most affected by this new feature. With the addition of FUT Crossplay, the FUT Transfer Market is the same across all platforms except PC and Switch. A unified marketplace will help level the playing field with massive FUT 23 card availability, smoothing out price differences and ensuring that all players face a level playing field. Additionally, cross-play is a game-changing feature in FIFA 23 for platforms that don’t have many items on the transfer market.

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