FIFA 23: How to Complete the Thiago Silva Flashback SBC

We have a new Thiago Silva Flashback SBC in FIFA 23. The SBC was leaked earlier, and now it has been made official by EA.

FIFA 23: How to Complete the Thiago Silva Flashback SBC
A new Thiago Silva Flashback SBC is now out in FIFA 23

FIFA 23’s first flashback SBC has been revealed. Thiago Silva is a special card that anyone can get if they complete the task within the set time limit. Some exciting player SBCs have already been introduced this season. In general, SBCs of players is a great way to expand your squad and strengthen your starting line-up.

Chance isn’t a factor here, because unlike packs, players of the game are sure of what they’re getting out of Flashback SBCs. You can also check the details of the cards that can be obtained as rewards. A special version of a footballer, the Flashback Card celebrates a pivotal season in a player’s career.

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How to Complete the Thiago Silva Flashback SBC in FIFA 23

FIFA 23: How to Complete the Thiago Silva Flashback SBC
Detailed stats of Thiago Silva’s Flashback Card in FIFA 23

Thiago Silva has been one of the best defenders in the world for many years and has built a golden career. The special flashback card is to celebrate his youth in his PSG days, where he could not be underestimated. All the flashback items so far have been in the form of SBCs. The special item commemorates his achievements in the 2012-13 season.

The overall of Silva’s Flashback version is 85, eliminating the big weakness of his base card. The base item has a lack of pace, but the flashback card is equipped with 77 pace. His 86 defense statistics are amazing in consideration of the current game. Players of the game need to complete three tasks to unlock the item.

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Here are the requirements to complete the Thiago Silva Flashback SBC in FIFA 23:


  • Minimum Number of Players from Brazil: 1
  • Minimum Squad Rating: 84
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

Premier League

  • Min. 1 Player from Premier League
  • Min. Team Rating: 85
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

86 Rated Squad

  • Min. Team Rating: 86
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11
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The main criticism is the potential costs and the statistics on the card. Many people will definitely notice that this SBC is very expensive because FIFA 23 has just been launched. Players can expect the estimated cost of 135,000-140,000 FUT coins to complete all three tasks. Of course, if you use SBC fodder for the tasks, the cost will be reduced. To unlock the special item, the player needs to complete all three tasks within the assigned time. The SBC expires in two weeks so players have time until then.

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