FIFA 23: Thiago Silva Flashback SBC Leaked

We will soon be seeing a Thiago Silva Flashback SBC unveiled by EA Sports in FIFA 23 over the coming days, a leak from a reliable source has revealed. Read below for more details.

FIFA 23: Thiago Silva Flashback SBC Leaked
A Thiago Silva Flashback SBC is on the way in FIFA 23

The Standard Edition of FIFA 23 is now live, and everyone can start playing the new game. FIFA 23 is in full swing and the 3 days of early access have been completed. Players of the game get to start their new Ultimate Team careers today. The Ones to Watch promo also releases today, on September 30.

There is word of a Thiago Silva Flashback SBC to be introduced in FIFA 23 by EA Sports. The Brazil and Chelsea Center Back has been regarded by many as a ‘Rolls Royce’ of a defender, and is really a classy defender who has gotten his team out of danger on multiple occasions. Have a look below to know more.

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Thiago Silva Leaked to Appear in a Flashback SBC in FIFA 23

FIFA 23: Thiago Silva Flashback SBC Leaked
Thiago Silva’s Flashback item will be released as part of the Ones to Watch promo

Flashback items are unique, upgraded cards assigned to selected players to celebrate their historic seasons in style. Each item represents a milestone season for the player. You cannot receive Flashback items in FUT Packs. Instead, you’ll need to complete specific objectives and Squad Building Challenges to earn them.

Many get confused between Player Moments Items and Flashback Items. Player Moments look back at specific times in a player’s career when they played at an exceptional level. The difference between these two item types is that flashback cards focus on a longer period of time, the entire season. Moments, by contrast, reflect one game or a specific goal of the player.

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The leak comes from Fut Sheriff. Fut Sheriff is a very reliable source and has provided many accurate leaks which were later made official. Fut Sheriff has very good credibility in the FIFA community, therefore it can be safe to say that we can expect to see a Thiago Silva Flashback SBC revealed by EA in the coming days.

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The Thiago Silva Flashback SBC is set to be released during the launch of the Ones to Watch promo in FIFA 23. The Ones to Watch Promotion is the first event of the FUT Cycle. It will be revealed today, and celebrates the most promising players who made permanent deals in the recent transfer window with dynamic items, objectives, and SBCs.

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