The First Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23 are Out, Here’s How You Can Complete Them

The first weekly objectives for FIFA 23 have been revealed. This gives players of the game a sort of warm-up for once the game fully releases. Read below to know more.

The First Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23 are Out, Here's How You Can Complete Them
The first Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23 are now live

FIFA 23 is only 2 days away from its early access release! This means people who bought the Ultimate Edition of the game will have a 3 day head-start in the form of early access to the new game, on September 27. The remaining people will be able to start playing the game from September 30.

The hype is real for the latest game of the FIFA franchise to be released by EA Sports. This will also likely be the last game to be published under the name of EA Sports, as from 2023 due to certain licensing and partnership agreements, EA Sports will become EA Sports FC.

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How to Complete the First Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23

The First Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23 are Out, Here's How You Can Complete Them
There will be plenty of new features in FIFA 23

Weekly objectives in FIFA 23 refer to tasks released weekly, which if completed earns you XP which will contribute to your Season Rewards. These weekly tasks are simple to complete, and the requirements for these tasks aren’t too demanding. That being said, the first set of weekly objectives in the new game have been unveiled.

Three groups of objectives will be released each week as part of the Season Objectives. Each objective round (there are six in each season) will remain active for two weeks, with the exception of the last week’s objective, and will expire when the season ends. Depending on your requirements, you can complete them in-game or via the web app or companion app. From squad management objectives to dynamic in-game challenges, the harder the objective, the more XP you’ll earn and the better your chances of earning good rewards in a season.

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Here are the requirements to complete the first weekly (Bronze) objectives in FIFA 23:

Bronze Weekly

1. Hot Market

Purchase a player from the transfer market using ‘Buy Now’.

2. Play 3

Play 3 matches in any FUT game mode.

3. Score 5

Score 5 goals in any FUT game mode

4. Winning Mindset

Win a match in any FUT game mode

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Bronze goals are the easiest, followed by Silver goals and finally Gold objectives. However, you will not be able to complete the objectives of the higher groups if you have not completed the previous group. If you do this, you will receive an XP bonus. If you didn’t claim the reward before resetting the goal, EA will automatically add the goal to your club and notify you via a popup.

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