FIFA 23: How to Complete the Latest Marquee Matchups SBC and its Rewards (October 21)

FIFA 23: How to Complete the Latest Marquee Matchups SBC and its Rewards (October 21)

The latest Marquee Matchups SBC has been revealed by EA Sports in FIFA 23

This week’s Marquee Matchups SBC has been unveiled by EA Sports for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in anticipation of this weekend’s big games. Squad Building Challenges offer players a unique opportunity to earn in-game rewards by participating in challenges based on real-life football events.


Weekly Squad Building Challenges like this are essential for FUT players looking to improve their roster and stay competitive on a regular basis. Four challenges require players to meet different requirements to receive valuable rewards. Some might find these challenges extremely difficult, considering that you’ll need to assemble multiple squads to complete the SBC set.

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Players Can Earn Valuable Rewards in FIFA 23 by Completing the Marquee Matchups SBCs

FIFA 23: How to Complete the Latest Marquee Matchups SBC (October 21)
Marquee Matchups SBCs provide good rewards

Although the SBC might seem daunting, that is not the case. Most of them can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, even by players who aren’t pros. The appearance of these SBCs can be deceiving. This week’s Matchups mostly include big games and feature popular teams like LA Galaxy, Bayern Munich and Tottenham.

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Here are the requirements for completing this week’s Marquee Matchups SBC:

LAFC v LA Galaxy

  • Total Chemistry Points: Minimum 14
  • Players from the United States of America: Minimum 1
  • Leagues: Minimum 3
  • Silver players: Minimum 2
  • Players from the same nationality: Maximum 4

Reward: 1 x Gold Pack

LOSC Lille vs AS Monaco

  • Players from France: Minimum 2
  • Players from the same club: Minimum 2
  • Player card level: Minimum Silver
  • Rare cards: Minimum 1
  • Total Chemistry Points: Minimum 18

Reward: 1 x Small Gold Players Pack

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FIFA 23: How to Complete the Latest Marquee Matchups SBC (October 21)
Rare Electrum Players Packs can result in useful rewards, as can be seen above

TSG Hoffenheim v Bayern Munich

  • Squad Rating: Minimum 72
  • Total Chemistry Points: Minimum 22
  • Players from FC Bayern Munich or TSG Hoffenheim: Minimum 1
  • Players from Germany: Minimum 2
  • Gold players: Minimum 3
  • Rare players: Minimum 2

Reward: 1 x Premium Mixed Players Pack


Tottenham v Newcastle

  • Players from Tottenham or Newcastle: Minimum 1
  • Players from the Premier League: Minimum 2
  • Leagues: Minimum 5
  • Rare Player Cards: 3
  • Squad Chemistry Points: Minimum 26
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 75

Reward: 1 x Prime Mixed Players Pack

Based on FIFA 23’s current market prices, the total cost to complete the entire SBC ranges from 12,000 to 18,500 FUT Coins. You can choose any challenge based on the reward, but completing the entire set will reward you with the Rare Electrum Players Pack. Therefore, players should definitely try completing all the Marquee Matchups SBCs in FIFA 23.

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