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First Case of 2022 Drops: CSGO Dreams and Nightmares Case is out for grabs.

CSGO Dreams and Nightmares case is out for grabs. Let us see what the case has to offer in the ocean of prestigious skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Checkout the complete article to know more.

The Dreams and Nightmares contest for the CSGO community gave an opportunity for fans to immortalise themselves. Furthermore, it is a rare contest that had a prize pool of $1.7 million. Eventually, out of thousands of entries, 17 winners were announced. Hence, 17 different weapon skins 23 artists were selected.

Though we liked some of the other skins, Valve decided to stay period correct. Let us look at what we think are the skins from best to worst.

• AK47- Nightwish •FAMAS- Rapid Eye Movement •MAC10- Ensnared

•MP9- Starlight Protector •MP7- Abyssal Apparition •USP-S- Dead Silence

Dual Berettas- Melondrama •Five-Seven- Scrawl •XM1014- Zombie Offensive

•M4A1-S- Night Terror •SCAR-H- Poultrygeist •PP-Bizon- Space Cat

•Mp5-SD-Necro Junior •MAG 7- ForeSight •G3SG1- Dream Glade

•P2000- Lifted Spirits

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Dreams and Nightmares CSGO Case is a quite decent collection of skins.

Valve has taken over 9 weeks to publish the items in-game. The Contest winners and submissions were announced at the beginning of November 2021. Hence, it has been some time. New Year would have been a good opportunity to do it. Also, Steam Deck is arriving shortly. CSGO fans looks forward to community added skins for a long time. Hence, it is a welcome addition.

But, we were quite shocked some really awesome upvoted items did not get included. Kudos to all artists for their creation and Valve for the idea.

Is “The Case” now available in CSGO?

Here is Valve’s message to the community on launch:

The CS:GO Team Reviewed Over 15,000 Entries From Artists Around The world and selected 17 N Finishes to ship in the case. Each WINNING entry received $100,000 USD, for a grand total prize pool of $1.7 million.

First Case of 2022 Drops: CSGO Dreams and Nightmares Case is out for grabs. 2

The holographic effect on AK47 Nightwish. Maybe, the USP catches your eye too. Dead Silence is an apt name.

Also, Valve changes the Diamond Badge, since it looked a bit like a silver one earlier.

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