Forsen becomes the latest victim to Twitch’s ban hammer after Kai Cenat

Forsen becomes the latest victim to Twitch's ban hammer after Kai Cenat.

Forsen becomes the latest victim to Twitch’s ban hammer after Kai Cenat

Twitch has been in news over the past month for more than one reason and this week is no different. With it’s competition getting one notch up by entry of Kick in market. Their new signing that still under the wraps. And after the clash with numerous of popular streamers, Forsen was the latest victim of the ban streak. Though this was not first time that the popular streamer was banned from Twitch. In 2020, the streamer faced a lot of backlash. And was a meme material after showing a sticker of explicit content of a horse.


The ban was temporary and the streamer made a comeback rather quickly. But this time around the ban seems to be irreversible. But what happens next is going to be an interesting story to follow. With his latest achievement of beating the xQc’s Minecraft speed run, was in news for a while. And a huge talk over Minecraft fandom pages.

The speed run competitions are still being held and they are popular even after a long time on Twitch. The clip in which Forsen beat the Minecraft last boss in just 18 mins garnered a huge number of views. The video clocked around 3k upvotes making another big moment for Twitch to make money on. xQc’s previous record of 20 min was far left behind with this speed run. There was huge response from the Twitch viewers for this particular stream.

Forsen’s Twitch ban

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Forsen’s new record of Minecraft speed run (image credit:

It was news right after and got repeated views on other social media platforms. But this moment of glory was short lived as the Twitch banned Forsen just after a few weeks and rained on his parade.
While Twitch seems to be on a streak of banning the streams indiscriminately all of this is not going unnoticed by people and the latest contender of new live streaming platform Kick.


These moves by the Amazon owned streaming platform Twitch is confusing. It is leading to setting the sun on its glory days. The Kick however is not slowing down and taking cream off the top with its new signing of Adin Ross who already started streaming with Kick. With more people with passing days are siding with Kick’s profit earning ratio that is better than Twitch’s and better user platform.

Kick’s response to Twitch’s ban

Twitch vs Kick (image credit:

Previously in one of his streams the popular gamer and YouTuber Dr Disrespect hinted at joining the kick and preferring Kick over Twitch. However there has been no announcement of the same so far. But with TrainwrecksTV earlier talk on his channel mentioned Doc’s involvement with Kick. Since his exit from Twitch in 2020 people are wondering if Kick would be his new arena to be in. While there are rumors growing around it Twitch seems to push their streamers to Kick. This would be a great opportunity for Kick to cash on by adding the banned streamers to their own platform.

However the cat is not out of the bag as Twitch has not yet announced if the ban is permanent and haven’t given any reason of banning either. It would be interesting to see what happens next.

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