How to get more XP in rare Fortnite-themed Quests before Chapter 3 Season 5?

Fortnite has decided to add Bonus Quests for the community to secure points and level up with XP before release of flagship final event Fracture.

Fortnite Chapter 4 (Image Credits: Fortnite)

Fortnite has released a concept of themed quests in its latest update in the game which adds better rewards and almost double the XP. Players will have to complete a specific number of Quests to unlock these specially-themed cosmetics. Celebrating the unique modes of gameplay, by completing Fortnite Bonus Quests in six creator-made games, Fortnite has added special creator rewards at the end. These Bonus Quests will be available until December 4, 2022, until the new event Fracture is released after the server downtime.

The quests are set to contain certain varied gameplay, which includes the following quests and rewards.

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  1. 5 total Quests completed:
    • Brite Boarder Style of the Back Board Back Bling
    • Taco Takeoff Loading Screen
  2. 7 total Quests completed:
    • Cuddle Kickflip Style of the Back Board Back Bling
    • The Cuddle Team Loading Screen
  3. 9 total Quests completed:
    • Goofy Fin Style of the Back Board Back Bling
    • Above the Clouds Wrap
  4. 11 total Quests completed:
    • Llamasploded Style of the Back Board Back Bling
    • Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe

All of these rewards are only going to be present for a limited time. Even the packs and cosmetics are going to be exclusive, and once gone, will never return to the game again. So if members of the community want the XP and the skins, the missions will have to be completed to get the final crusher pickaxe.

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Fortnite releases official trailer for final event Fracture in Chapter 3

Fortnite Fracture (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fracture was initially teased at the FNCS Invitational Finals. Considering this is the end of Chapter 3, it’s rather likely that crime boss Midas is set to return, backed by several easter eggs in the game. The battle against Chrome and lore has been shown not only in the trailer but also within the game itself, where an emote shows Chrome taking over a golden hand, along with the return of gold and silver sprays in the store. Fracture is slated for its release on December 4, and fans are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite anti-hero.

Popular theorist FNChiefAko gives out the following theory: “In the event, we’ll find and recruit Midas to help defeat Chrome and Herald with his golden touch. After chroming the Reality Tree, The Herald will summon The Nothing from it, and the fight against The Last Reality begins. What happens next is to be determined.” Given that Midas can literally turn anything to gold, it would give the fans an opportunity to try out an infinite number of things including a probable new player skin. Overall, it will be interesting to find out if the developers make any substantial changes in the event to fit the lore.

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