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Fortnite: How to Get the New Iron Man Zero Skin in the Game

We will be seeing a new and exclusive Iron Man skin under the name of 'Iron Man Zero' in Fortnite, following the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War collaboration. Read below to know more.

A new and special iron Man skin is coming to Fortnite

Fortnite’s new Iron Man skin has been leaked, but its release may have its own context: Marvel and Epic Games have had their own years-long partnership. The partnership has resulted in the release of a number of Marvel property skins in the Battle Royale game, along with major in-game events as well.


A new Iron Man skin coming to Fortnite is no surprise, but what makes this skin extra special is this skin’s connection to the ongoing Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic. A few lucky players have already had access to the outfit, which is great, while others will have to wait a little longer. Have a look below to know more.

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Fortnite Will Have a New Iron Man Zero Skin

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War collaboration

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War is the first full comic collaboration between the two companies. Marvel has mentioned Fortnite events going on in multiple comics throughout 2020, but Zero War takes the partnership to a whole other level. Not only does Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War include characters from both Fortnite and Marvel, purchasing each issue also provides rewards that can be claimed in the Battle Royale game. The final installment of the crossover is scheduled for release next week, on September 28th.

The Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War crossover is significant because the leaked Iron Man skin calls him Iron Man Zero. The skin reveals a bulky Iron Man suit with the helmet opened to reveal a regular Iron Man helmet inside. A Repulsor Pack back bling, a Bladed Gauntlet pickaxe, and a Zero War Frontlines loading screen are all included in the pack.

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Since the Zero War comic was announced, Marvel has promised that if you buy all five issues of the comic miniseries, you’ll receive a special yet-to-be-announced skin. It makes a lot of sense for Iron Man Zero to be this skin. However, it has not been confirmed. It’s entirely possible that Iron Man Zero is just a related skin. Either way, it should eventually be sold through the Fortnite store.

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For those interested in these rewards, you can purchase all five of the books at your local comic shop or browse them on Marvel Unlimited starting September 28th. Rewards in the game include the Spider-Man Skin, Iron Man Weapon Wrap, Wolverine Pickaxe, Zero War Spray, Zero War Loading Screen, and of course, the bonus Iron Man Zero skin.

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