Is Stranger Things coming to Fortnite?

Is Stranger Things coming to Fortnite?

Stranger Things

Fornitemares 2022 is almost about to end in Fortnite, and the Chrome Punk player skin is up for grabs, if players are able to complete all of the quests during the event. With the head of a rainbow pumpkin in a black and rainbow splatted shirt, the Chrome Punk skin will be every gamer’s dream.

Along with it, the Horde Rush event makes its return this year in Fortnite, which can be played along with friends to earn combos and survive to finally take down the ultimate boss. This time around though, there has been the addition of Knowby Cabin, and Ash Williams will also be available for the fans.


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However, once the hype dies down after Fortnitemares, what then? Well, Fortnite is not ready to give up on its fanbase just yet, which is why they have gone ahead and planned a collaboration with Stanger Things. Earlier, Epic Games had also partnered with the NBA and even Ferrari. However, the Stanger Things collaborations are all but confirmed within the game.

The Creative mode is supposedly giving the vibes of Upside Down in the show, with a large house ahead of the players, appearing similar to the Creel House. Grandfather clocks make a return this season, and one is present in front of the Fortnite Creative Hub as well. Christmas Lights are already a Joyce Butler reference, with the house having the same patterns.


This will, however, not be the first time that such a collaboration has taken place since Chief Hopper was introduced in Chapter 1 Season 9. There were special weapons available in-game as part of the previous collaboration, but this time around, nothing has officially been confirmed.

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Planes return as part of quests in Fortnite

Fortnitemares 2022

Epic Games has decided to bring back planes in the game once again. Although it is still unclear whether this feature has returned as part of missions or a newer permanent inclusion in the game, there are several locations where these planes can be found.


If you enjoy flying planes within the game, this update might bring in some good news. However, the only issue is that the location of these ramps keeps shifting. So where exactly are the ramps and launchpads for playing these planes?

Well, the location of the runways are: Shell of High Water, Southwest of Shiny Sound,East of Beach Bash, Southwest of Reality Tree and Launchpad, East of Herald Sanctum. So go ahead and fly these planes through a rift in order to complete the quest and claim the Chrome Punk Skin.

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