Rare skin set Munitions Major Fortnite outfit set to return in Chapter 3 Season 4, gets fans excited

Fortnite has decided to bring back one of the rarest packs back into the game in Chapter 3 Season 4, The Munitions Major Outfit.

Munitions Major Outfit (Image Credits: Fortnite News)

Fortnite has finally brought back a skin that nobody expected to return, the Munitions Major Skin Set. Considered as the sixth rarest item in the entire game, fans will make it a point to take on this skin hook, line, and sinker once it drops into the shop after a span of over two years. Fortnite describes this skin as: “Players can trust the Munitions Major at to hold the back of the line when the battle is supposed to break out. In his military uniform, he is ready to combat his enemies 24/7.”

This character was added to the game on February 28, 2019, and after it was removed, was never added back again. As is customary therefore with all rare skins in the game, this skin line quickly became of one of the most demanded cosmetics in the game, putting it sixth on the rarity list. This returning skin is not too expensive either, since it only costs around 800 V-points as opposed to the more recent skin that cost almost triple of this.

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Adding this skin is a sure-shot way of getting the community to acknowledge you differently, since almost nobody has ownership of this skin so far, making it more exclusive than ever. Overall, Fortnite’s decision to bring back this skin just before its live event Fracture shows the developer’s dedication to the game, and their intention to top it all off with the live event scheduled for its release on December 4th.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 starter pack leaked

Metallica Mina (Image Credits: FortniteBR)

Fortnite has recently teased the new starter pack for the next season, naming it the Metallica Mina collection with the designs already out int the internet. This new collection draws a lot of similarities with the PlayStation exclusive collection called the Blue Phoenix, and is set to feature a ‘Mina Park‘ Outfit, ‘Spikeheart‘ Back Bling, and ‘The Ruthless Claw‘ Pickaxe. These cosmetics will probably be available for only a limited time in the game, so fans will have to move mast to secure those.

The final event Fracture is set to release on 4th December, and will be a playable 40 min event. The new outfit therefore might release in Chapter 4 Season 1 of the game, sometime in early January of next year. Although the exact price of the pack is not released, this might end up costing around 2400 V-bucks. Overall, it will be interesting to find out how the community reacts to this skin line being added to the game.

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