Fortnite officially addresses the Movement change issue

The new movement mechanics is giving the Fortnite community quite the headache!

Fortnite officially addresses the Movement change issue

(credits: Epic Games)

The biggest hit in the battle royale shooter genre for Epic Games is Fortnite. Players also adore the game because of its distinct mechanics, which set it apart from other shooting games. Furthermore, the OG season, Chapter 4 Season 5 has come to an end with the Big Bang event. However, it seems like the new Season 5 Chapter 1 is creating quite a controversy. Moreover, after the recent movement change issues, Fortnite has finally officially addressed its shortcomings!

Fortnite’s last update, Chapter 4 Season 5, took the game back to where it started in Chapter 1. Moreover, gamers had sentimental memories of the battle royale’s old weapons and terrain, thus soaring the game to new heights. Fortnite’s OG season was a really successful season, which saw over 100,000,000 players logging in to the game in just the month of November. However, every good thing comes to an end, and so did the Fortnite OG Season!


Now that Season 5, Chapter 1 of Fortnite, is available, players can explore and enjoy it. After the Fortnite OG Season, the battle royale is experiencing significant growth. There have been several gameplay and visual updates with this new chapter, including new points of interest, weapon mods, characters, and much more. Moreover, the recent Movement changes have become an issue for the player base, and Fortnite has officially addressed it recently!

New Fortnite update brings in several movement change issues, Fortnite officially addresses them to the fan base

Prior to The Big Bang Live Event, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 was the talk of the town. The community was fascinated and intrigued by the idea of what the new season would have since the OG season ended with a another Black Hole! But in the short 24 hours after the servers went up, problems are starting to arise in the game’s community!

Fortnite officially addresses the Movement change issue
(credits: Epic Games)

Moreover, the change that is creating the most issues for the Fortnite community is the new movement changes. Fortnite has introduced new changes in the movement mechanics of the game, along with many changes and new animations! However, it seems like fans are not liking these changes. And Fortnite has officially addressed the changes in a Tweet!


Fortnite, on their official X handle, recently said and gave specs of the movement updates. They said how the movement even took them some time to get accustomed to; however, it was a necessary change! They said,

Let’s talk movement. TBH, it took us a few days to get used to it during our playtests too.
We want to introduce visual improvements & encourage more strategic decision-making in each moment. Here’s what changed:
-New animations!
-Run and sprint speed slightly slower (but stamina recovers quicker)
-Sideways + Backward movement faster
-Crouching is slower, but stealthier!
We’re listening to your feedback on this and definitely hear the concerns. In this early stage we’re hoping that you’ll consider this update & that it starts to feel natural over time. We’re still here with you and every day we strive to make things better. Thanks for everything!

Although the changes are not likes by many, fans are still praising Fortnite for their great communication. The new movement mechanics are definitely a significant change in Fortnite, considering a shooter game totally relies on movement and aim sense! Furthermore, every new movement change takes players considerable time to get used to!

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