Fortnite streamer Clix releases a t-shirt after receiving a ban from Epic Games

Clix seems keen on returning back to streaming Fortnite.

Fortnite streamer Clix releases a t-shirt after receiving a ban from Epic Games

Fortnite streamer Clix releases a t-shirt after receiving a ban from Epic Games (Clix/Twitter)

Yesterday, April 29, 2023, Twitch streamer Cody “Clix” released a free t-shirt for fans. Earlier on April 24, Epic Games banned Clix from Fortnite. The release of the t-shirt seems to be a plea to the Fortnite creators for them to lift the ban.


Clix is a well-known Fortnite streamer who, since 2018, has streamed Fortnite for more than 5,000 hours on Twitch. Till date, he has around 5,887,176 subscribers to his channel.

Clix released this video explaining the situation about his ban in detail.

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Clix pleads to Epic Games to overturn his ban

Clix t-shirt

Image source Clix/YouTube

Popular eSports journalist posted about the release of t-shirts by Clix. In the post, fans can see a white tee with an image of Clix behind bars and “Free Me” written on it. In another picture, he is wearing the tee, which surely is a plea to Epic Games.

Clix received a 14-day ban after he competed in the $100 Cash Cup. According to the in-game message by Fortnite’s creators, he picked up a ban for teaming up with a competitor. Later on, Cody posted a six-minute video on social media about sharing the gist of the situation. He also claimed that after contacting Epic, they confirmed the ban would remain.

Due to the ban, Clix cannot compete in the FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) Grand Finals. According to him, “I’m banned for two weeks; if you guys didn’t know, this means that I can’t play in the FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) Grand Finals, and I can’t also play in the next FNCS in a month. So, that means I can’t go to the LAN event, and obviously, I can’t play for the next four months for FNCS.”


Cut to the present day, and it seems the Fortnite streamer is repenting and wants to start streaming the game again. His t-shirt certainly suggests that. Now whether the ban will get overturned is still not clear. He even pleaded with his fans to help him persuade Epic to get rid of the ban.

How the netizens reacted to seeing Clix releasing a t-shirt

Clix’s shirt release came out of nowhere and it seemed to have divided the social media community. While some came to the support of the streamer, few had some words that might sting a little for Clix. After Jake Lucky shared the images of Clix’s new and supposedly “Free” t-shirt, this is what people had to say:

It seems the t-shirt people have already started to buy the merchandise which apparently costs almost $8 including delivery charges:

One user talked about why the t-shirt is actually not free:


Few were a bit negative about the release and pointed out that no one is going to wear something that has an image of a Fortnite streamer

Fans of the streamer seem to believe that the 14-day ban is a bit of an overkill on Epic’s part. Moreover, some even suggested he should buy a new PC and start playing for the time being. Others suggested he vlog a different game like Valorant till then. However, Clix seems adamant on a Fortnite unban and is leaving no stone unturned to achieve his wish.

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