Fortnite to giveaway 1000 V-bucks to specific players- are you eligible?

Fortnite to giveaway 1000 V-bucks to specific players- are you eligible?

Fortnitemares 2022

In the past few days, Fortnite has made quite a huge blunder, firstly in terms of pack announcements, and later on about the inability of granting those promises. While this has led to widespread discord among the fans, it is also rumored that the game is now finally planning to right a few wrongs done to its community and for that, the developers have started rolling out the 1000 V-bucks to specific members of the community.

This comes after the fiasco with the Saints Academy Quest Pack. Within the pack, the players were promised 1500 V-bucks, whereas the thumbnail stated that the players would receive 1000 V-bucks. However, going with the details provided in-game, fans bought the pack only to receive 1000 V-bucks as Fortnite originally intended.


This led to a severe backlash from the community due to which Fortnite has started rolling out updates to compensate for the original amount.

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Fortnite glitch allows players to gain millions of XPs in-game


Although Fortnite has fixed the problem, these V- bucks along with the simultaneous crashing of the game have finally led the developers to change their approach as in the presentation of the game, along with compensation to the initial purchasers of the pack. Overall, adding all of the V-bucks that could be given, this 1000 V-bucks giveaway is only eligible for those who had purchased the Saints Academy Quest Packs in the initial rounds of the game.


A glitch within the game has allowed gamers to gain XP by completing minor quests in battle pass to receive huge rewards. Within this glitch itself, players can complete internal missions and quests to gain Xps that they are using to complete the quests in and of itself. This glitch has also been allowing players to level up unconditionally, without any form of backlash or impact within the game.

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The developers are working to fix this glitch since it is making the game far easier than intended, and with Fortnitemares 2022 running, leveling up easily appears to be some sort of a cheat code within the game. As it is, Epic Games have announced a few collaborations and this glitch needs to be fixed for players to stand any chance in those.


However, until the developers are able to fix this, this appears to be the best time to complete the quests in-game. Completing the quests will gain the players a new Chrome Punk player skin, so before the developers fix the issue, players are trying to get their hands on this skin.

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