Free Fire Legendary Guns sale: Get gun skins at 50% off in Store!

The Free Fire Legendary Guns in the Store can be obtained for half the price only for today!

Free Fire Legendary Guns
Free Fire Legendary Guns at 50% off

The Free Fire Store is home to a variety of items from the game, but is mainly popular for the cosmetics that they contain. Here are the Free Fire Legendary Guns sale which offer a great discount of 50% for the players.

The cosmetics in Free Fire are one of the most popular items in the game and can be varied. The Weapon skins and loot crates and two very popular items from this banner as they give out free stats upgrades to the weapon and can be quite game changing on the battlegrounds. These skins are also divided on tiers of their rarity with Legendary and Unique being the top two best!

The developers have introduced a new Sale on the Free Fire Legendary Guns crate in the Store only for today and here are all of them.

Free Fire Legendary Guns Sale

Free Fire Legendary Guns
Free Fire Legendary Guns

The Store of Free Fire features many different gun skins that the players can buy by spending some diamonds in the game. However, now players can now get an amazing discount to keep the prices down considerably!

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The Armory section of the Free Fire Store features many weapon loot crates and are great if the players want some upgraded stats for their weapons. The Legendary guns section features some great weapons skins with added effects to their animations as well.

These are now available in the Store at a massive discount of 50% only for 21st December, 2021, that is today. Instead of the usual 40 diamonds per crate, now the price is at 20 diamonds per box.

Free Fire Legendary Guns
Free Fire store

The prize pool for the store is:

  • Groza – Operano
  • AK – Flaming Red
  • AK – Flaming Dragon
  • AN94 – Ruby Bride
  • AN94 – Cataclysm
  • AM94 – Spikey Spine
  • AUG – Cyber Bounty Hunter
  • AWM – Lucky Koi
  • AWM – Swallowtail
  • FAMAS – Vampire
  • FAMAS – Moonwalk
  • Groza – Great Plunderer
  • Kar98k – The Executioner
  • Kord – Killspark Shinobi
  • M1014 – Wasteland
  • M1014 – Cataclysm
  • M1014 – Underground Howl
  • M14 – Egg Hunter
  • M4A1 – Scorching Sands
  • M4A1 – Cataclysm
  • M60 – Spirited Overseers
  • M60 – Captain Bubbles
  • M79 – Midnight Mafia
  • M79 – Hipster Bunny
  • MP40 – Carnival Carnage
  • MP40 – Sneaky Clown
  • MP40 – Mechanical
  • MP40 – New Year
  • MP5 – Mr. Nutcracker
  • MP5 – Champion Boxer
  • P90 – Make it Rain
  • P90 – The Punishers
  • Parafal – Persia Prowess
  • Scar – Water Elemental
  • Scar – Cupid
  • SKS – Hysteria
  • SVD – Swordsman Legends
  • Thompson – Time Travellers
  • UMP – Wilderness Hunter
  • UMP – Cataclysm
  • XM8 – Abyssal

How to access the store?

YouTube: 5 STAR 888

Step 1: Open the Free Fire app on your mobile devices and locate the Store option on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the “Armory” tab on the top right and the weapon loot crates section will open.

Step 3: Players can buy the buy the Free Fire Legendary Guns at 50% off by clicking on the “Purchase” option on the bottom.

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