French President Macron blames Videos games like GTA for violance in country

The unrest in France is getting worse day by day and administration isn't doing much but instead playing blame games.

French President Macron blames Videos games like GTA for violance in country

(credits: Stephanie Lecocq/Reuters)

Flames of rioting have engulfed France, causing numerous riots to break out throughout the country. A 17-year-old delivery driver was fatally shot by the police, causing chaos in France. News outlets reported that a police officer shot a teenager on Tuesday, June 27, in the Paris suburb of Nanterre during a traffic check. Due to the burning waves of riots, French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed video games and TikTok as the reasons.

This incident of Police Brutality has enraged the masses, and they have taken matters into their own hands. Furthermore, the fact that the victims belong to a colored race (Arab) has further fueled the riots. This incident spread across the county with the help of Tiktok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Scenes of people setting fires to vehicles and climbing onto buildings with smashed windows have emerged. And Police Officers are clashing with these rioters fiercely.

French President Emmanuel Macron responded to the turmoil but has yet to declare a state of emergency. To heal differences and bring the nation together during his second term, he called an urgent conference of ministers. Moreover, during a press conference, President Macron’s particular statement engaged the public further.

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President Macron blames Video Games like GTA and not the administration for the riots

French President Macron blames Videos games like GTA for violance in country
[credits: Valeria Mongelli / Bloomberg (Getty Images)]

Riots in France are growing day by day, and President Macron hasn’t yet declared a state of emergency in the country. Instead, he has deployed 40,000 extra police troops in response. To make the situation worse, French President Macron has shifted the blame to video games & social media instead of the poor state of administration. Many different reasons fuel President Macron’s statement.

As of Friday, law enforcement agencies made 875 arrests within the last few days, and most of these arrests involve youths. And hence, the administration, especially President Macron, has blamed video games like GTA for the unrest. President Macron recently made a statement during a press conference that,

“We sometimes have the feeling that some of them are living out, in the streets, the video games that have intoxicated them.”

French President Macron on the reason behind riots happening currently

Political leaders and government administration have been relying on video games and social media as the go-to solution for causing most of the unrest in the country. Despite the blatant administrative flaws, politicians have been finding scapegoats in any & every kind of situation. And this time, President Macron has chosen video games & social media as the scapegoat for the riot currently taking place in France. We hope the situation gets resolved soon with no further casualties. However, time will tell what may unfold in the future.

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