Genshin Impact glitch lets players view the mysterious Celestia region

A new unknown Genshin impact glitch lets players get an early look of the undisclosed region of Celestia. Read the article to know more.

Genshin Impact glitch lets players view the mysterious Celestia region
New Genshin Impact Celestia glitch

Genshin Impact players are constantly digging out new areas in the large open-world game. While some regions have been released by the developers, some remain undisclosed and mysterious such as the Celestia region. Apparently, a YouTuber has been able to get an early look at the region.

While Teyvat serves as the main region in Genshin Impact where most of the activities take place, there are various regions unexplored that are only mentioned in the lore such as Khaenri’ah and Celestia. While MiHoYo plans of uncovering the regions eventually, players can barely contain their excitement. The newly released region Enkanomiya and the upcoming region of Sumeru have delighted the players more than ever.

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Genshin Impact glitch provides an early look of Celestia

Genshin Impact glitch lets players view the mysterious Celestia region
Vennessa ascending to Celestia

Many players are unaware of the region of Celestia whereas others wonder about its design in the game. MiHoYo has already given us subtle glimpses about the region which has increased the curiosity of the players even more. As of now, it is known that Celestia is a floating island that can be seen floating in the sky of Teyvat.

Celestia can be viewed in the region of Monstadt and Liyue. It can be seen in the northwest direction from Qingyun Park whereas it is situated in the west direction roughly as viewed from Stormterror’s Lair. It is said that Celestia is the abode of gods and mortals who perform heroic deeds can ascend to the region to attain godhood.

There are several beliefs surrounding Celestia as people of Monstadt believe that Vennessa ascended to the region as she performed several heroic acts. On the other hand, the people of Liyue believe that the Adepti such as Guhua has descended from Celestia. MiHoYo hasn’t revealed anything articular regarding the design of the region, however, one famous Genshin Impact YouTuber who goes by the name Life is Wakaranai uploaded something that became viral in the community.

Genshin Impact glitch lets players view the mysterious Celestia region
Celestia is a floating island

The YouTuber was traveling to a domain where he made use of the characters- Traveler and Kazuha. Upon reaching the top of the domain, what appeared as a Genshin Impact glitch actually looked eerily similar to the Celestia region. Players will be able to see the sun glowing from a distance and clouds covering the whole sky.

While uploading the clip, the YouTuber has also presented a guide as to how players can find the region through this unknown glitch. Here is how to get into the Celestia region:

  • Make a team party with Geo Traveler and anemo characters such as Kazuha/Venti. 
  • Travel to Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern (Domain of Blessing).
  • Clear the stone chamber one. 
  • Use Geo Traveler to place Geo Constructs on the floating stones. 
  • Climb up the nearby wall using the stones and utilizing Kazuha/Venti’s Elemental Skills.

It is, however, unknown whether the area will be visible to all the players. Therefore, players should only consider it as a minor glitch as the main region remains unrevealed.

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