Genshin Impact leaks indicate new skins for Ayaka and Lisa

Lisa and Ayaka's skin game files have been found by the leakers which hints we may get a new batch of alternate outfits quite soon in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact leaks indicate new skins for Ayaka and Lisa
Genshin Impact leaks hint Ayaka and Lisa skins

Some reliable leakers have been hinting on another batch of alternate skins after the release of Diluc and Fischl’s substitute outfit. These Genshin Impact leaks claim that the next characters to receive their outfits will be Ayaka and Lisa, two characters who have been playable for a long time.

Releasing new outfits in the game has been in a vogue right now considering the overwhelming response given by the fans when Jean and Barbara’s summer themed skins were released. Since then, the developers have been frequent in releasing outfits.

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Ayaka & Lisa to receive alternate skins, as per Genshin Impact leaks

Ayaka is a playable 5-star Cryo character in the game whereas Lisa is a free character that can be obtained after completing a Monstadt quest. Genshin Impact leaks given by Uncle DD and BLANK, both being trustworthy sources have revealed that some data regarding their skins is available at this moment.

However, unlike Diluc and Fischl’s skin that got revealed in the livestream, we currently do not have any data regarding the skins of these two female characters. While Lisa’s skin was somewhat expected in the 3.0 update or later considering that she’s one of the renowned students of Sumeru Academia, Ayaka’s skin was a total surprise as revealed by the Genshin Impact leaks.

Genshin Impact leaks indicate new skins for Ayaka and Lisa
Ayaka’s new skin

The release date of their skins is currently not available but it is likely to be released in the 3.3 update or later as new skins are going to be released in the upcoming patch only for Diluc and Fischl. Some misleading outfits of Lisa are doing rounds the internet but players should note that her skins have not been revealed right now. As for Ayaka, Genshin Impact leaks have informed the fans not to keep high expectations.

Just like the previous and upcoming skins of Diluc and Fischl, the outfits for Ayaka and Lisa will be available in different rarities which implies that Lisa’s skin can be obtained from an event whereas players might have to shell out some money on purchasing the Genesis Crystals to obtain Ayaka’s skin.

Genshin Impact leaks indicate new skins for Ayaka and Lisa
Lisa’s new skin

Players are highly looking forward to the skins of Diluc and Fischl which are going to be released in the 2.8 update. It has also been informed that the skins will have some special effects, therefore, a similar type could be expected for Ayaka and Lisa’s skin.

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