Genshin Impact leaks showcase Nahida and Layla’s gameplay animations

New leaks coming from the beta version of Genshin Impact 3.2 update have showcased the gameplay animations of Nahida and Layla.

Genshin Impact leaks showcase Nahida and Layla's gameplay animations
Nahida and Layla's idle animations

The 3.2 update’s beta version has gone in full swing and a lot of Genshin Impact leaks are coming forward. The latest ones have revealed the elemental skill and burst animations of Nahida and Layla, the upcoming characters in the game.

The Dendro Archon of the game will finally become playable, as Genshin Impact moves forward with its Sumeru updates. Along with Nahida or Lesser Lord Kusanali, players will be able to wish upon the 4-star character Layla.

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Nahida and Layla’s animations revealed by Genshin Impact leaks

Genshin Impact leaks showcase Nahida and Layla's gameplay animations
Nahida and Layla elemental burst

From character animations to new weapons, Genshin Impact leaks regarding the 3.2 update have gained traction in the community as players simultaneously complete the quests and events of the ongoing patch that brought Cyno, Nilou and Candace.

A couple of days ago, players had been receiving fragments of information on the two upcoming characters’ elemental skill and burst, and now, they can finally take a look at the animation that will allow them to decide beforehand whether they wish to pull for the character or not.


Nahida or the Dendro Archon is Teyvat’s youngest archon who will become playable as Dendro 5-star unit using catalyst as her weapon. Her idle animation creates a Dendro infused swing whereas her normal attacks provides a significant amount of Dendro DMG to the enemies.

Elemental Skill

As stated before, Nahida’s elemental skill is one of the most unique animations ever made by the developers. Her ‘E’ allows her to take a picture of the enemies to mark them and deal Dendro DMG along the way. This skill takes a duration of 20 seconds to deal DMG.

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Elemental Burst

Genshin Impact leaks showcase that the Dendro Archon’s elemental burst (Q) creates a large court like structure around her. While this structure won’t provide any significant amount of Dendro DMG to the enemies, it will help her teammates having the Hydro, Electro and Pyro element to get extra buffs during combat.


Layla is the new 4-star unit of Genshin Impact. She is a Cryo sword user whose artwork had been revealed by HoYoverse during the latest drip marketing. Now, Genshin Impact leaks have showcased her elemental skill and burst.

Elemental Skill

Genshin Impact leaks showcase Nahida and Layla's gameplay animations
Elemental skill

Layla’s elemental skill, known as the ‘Nights of Formal Focus’ creates a Cryo shield around her and places stars around her. While Layla goes in a slumber, her shield, that lasts for 12 seconds, will provide DMG to the approaching enemies.

Elemental Burst

The 4-star character’s elemental burst or Q might be somewhat similar to Ganyu as she summons a Cryo ball above her that will constantly deal DMG to the enemies in a certain AoE. This structure’s movements will be in sync with Layla.

Nahida and Layla are expected to make their debuts on November 3rd, 2022 but this is subjected to change as Genshin Impact leaks have not mentioned anything on the banner schedule.

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