Genshin Impact Mika leaks: Element, weapon and lore revealed

Mika has been officially showcased in Genshin Impact. Now, leaks have confirmed him to become playable as his element and weapon were disclosed.

Genshin Impact Mika leaks: Element, weapon and lore revealed
Mika in Genshin Impact

A couple of weeks back, the Genshin Impact community was only aware about the existence of a character named Mika without ever knowing that it will become a playable unit. Now, leaks tell us that the character from Monstadt will soon join the Traveler’s party.

Renowned leaker BLANK has unveiled the element and weapon of Mika, who was officially showcased during the special program of the 3.1 update that aired a few days ago with extra information on the upcoming Sumeru units.

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Genshin Impact Mika leaks take charge in the community

Genshin Impact Mika leaks: Element, weapon and lore revealed
Mika and Jean

The entire Genshin Impact xommunity is always eager to get information from leaks. Even though it might be misleading sometimes, it gives us a fair idea about what we can expect from a certain character or an upcoming update. Due to Mika being revealed finally, players can barely wait to see whether he will become playable or not.

Data miner BLANK has confirmed the Monstadt boy becoming playable, although he has not provided us with any release date. While it is confirmed that he is not arriving in the 3.1 update, we cannot be sure of him becoming playable in the 3.2 update either as HoYoverse currently focuses on Sumeru character.

That, however does not rule out the chances of the character becoming playable in the 3.2 update as we are yet to see the next drip marketing. Genshin Impact Mika leaks, have however revealed the element and weapon of the character to be Cryo and Polearm respectively.

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Mika might be a crucial character for the lore

Mika is depicted as the Surveyor of the Mondstadt Reconnaissance Company. It is likely that players will see him as NPC during the upcoming event in Monstadt which will focus on characters like Venti. Moreover, Genshin Impact Mika leaks claim that he is going to bring letters from Varka, the Grand Master of Knights of Favonius.

Varka had reportedly gone to Snezhnaya with some soldiers for investigation but Mika was sent back with a letter. This could probably imply that players will be able to learn something more about the personality of Varka.

Mika’s rarity remains to be known but with his appearance, it seems that he is going to be a 4-star character who can provide a good Cryo support during any combat. Although, it is too certain to assume anything regarding his rarity and players should wait for more Genshin Impact Mika leaks.

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