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Genshin Impact players want NPC Liben to become playable

Several players in the Reddit community of Genshin Impact want Liben to become a playable character in the game. This article says all about that.

Genshin Impact NPC Liben

Travelers of Genshin Impact who are quite active in the game completing different quests and farming different artifacts will be aware of the fact that there are several non playable characters or what is popularly known as NPCs available in the game. Some of these characters have a very crucial role to play while others are not of much significance.

One such important NPC is Liben who arrives exclusively during the Marvelous Merchandise event. As he appeared recently in the current update, players have started demanding that he should become a playable character.

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Why Genshin Impact players are demanding Liben to become playable?

As mentioned earlier, there are several NPCs in the game who hold much significance as interacting with them will help the Traveler to know several interesting details which is not revealed generally through the story or Archon quests. NPC Liben appeared recently during the Marvelous Merchandise event of the 2.6 update.

With his appearance after two updates, several players have only one question in mind- Why isn’t Liben playable? This NPC has been appearing in the game for a long period of time only during the Merchandise Event to trade some primogems for the players. He’s one of the most loved NPC as players do not have to fight off any enemy in order to receive primogems for him.

Liben in Marvelous Merchandise Event

Not only that, he provides the players with many intriguing details on Sumeru, the desert nation that is apparently going to become accessible from the 3.0 update and add the Dendro element in the game. This is one of the primary reasons why players ardently wait for his arrival.

As to his appearance in Genshin Impact, players might have noticed that he is quite different from other characters as well as NPCs as he wears colorful clothes and even a sunglass. His uniquely designed hair apparently makes him cool in the eyes of Genshin Impact fans. This has led to the rise of demands of getting Liben as a playable character.

Liben talks to the Traveler

There were several NPCs in the game that have now become playable and they have not disappointed us. Similarly, players hope that Liben will also add some unique powers in the game. Some players are even speculating that Liben is a Dendro character woh might become playable when Sumeru releases in Genshin Impact.

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