Genshin Impact releases Yelan’s character teaser, talents, voice artists and more

The character teaser of Hydro character Yelan was just revealed today. This article talks about her talents, voice artists and more.

Genshin Impact releases Yelan's character teaser, talents, voice artists and more
Yelan in Genshin Impact: Skills, VAs and more

Within a few days, Genshin Impact is set to get updated with the content of version 2.7, Hidden Dreams in the Depths. Travelers will uncover more secrets surrounded on The Chasm with the assistance of Yelan whose character teaser got released just today.

Yelan is an upcoming Hydro character who uses bow as her weapon. Players have been keeping much expectations from this character who looked quite strong from her gameplay as well as mysterious in her personality. As her teaser just dropped today, the entire community has gone exhilarated.

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Genshin Impact unveils new Hydro character Yelan

Unlike other characters who are quite often found in the voice lines of other playable characters, Yelan has remained a mystery for a long time and claims that she works for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Her teaser that was revealed today shows the Hydro character’s elegance as well as stealth. As a consequence, players are waiting for her release.

Genshin Impact releases Yelan's character teaser, talents, voice artists and more
New Hydro 5-star character

The Liyue character of Genshin Impact belongs to the Yangshang Teahouse and her banner is going to be released along with Xiao during the first phase of 2.7 update which makes her release date on 31st May. As per the official announcement, Yelan’s birthday is on April 20th and players can expect to receive gifts from her on the same day.


Along with Yelan, her signature weapon ‘Aqua Simulacra’ bow is also going to be available in the Epitome Invocation banner. Players should take a glimpse as to the talents of the new Hydro addition.

  • Normal and Charged Attack- She can perform up to 4 consecutive bow shots with her Normal Attack. With her charged attack, Yelan can deal more damage as her bow will absorb the Hydro element and provide a more precise shot.
  • Elemental Skill (Lingering Lifeline)- Yelan’s elemental skill will make a Hydro thread that will allow her to move rapidly around the enemies and mark them. When she stops, the thread will burst dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Elemental Burst (Depth Clarion Dice)- Creating a large Hydo AoE, Yelan brings a dice shaped strucuture to the battlefield that follows her around to give additional Hydro DMG. Players can pair this up with Cryo characters to deal more freeze damage.

Voice artists

Genshin Impact releases Yelan's character teaser, talents, voice artists and more
Yelan VA

Genshin Impact has also announced the voice artists for their mysterious character, Yelan. According to the announcement, Yelan’s Japanese voice artist is ENDO Aya who has worked in several animated series and movies and delivered some notable characters-

  • Hunter x Hunter (Komugi)
  • Lucky Star (Miyuki Takara)
  • Mickey Mouse (Minnie Mouse)

Yelan’s english voice actress in Genshin Impact is Laura Post who equally has delivered some astonishing performances with her voice in characters like-

  • Jujutsu Kaisen (Mai Zenin)
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Tamayo)
  • Pokemon Evolutions (Kuni)

Yelan’s release in Genshin Impact is widely anticipated by fans. The character teaser revealed has got close to 1 million views and popular streamers such as MTashed are reacting on the teaser expressing their delight for the character.

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