How to make a good team in Genshin Impact?

This article has mentioned some points that players should follow while making a team in Genshin Impact.

How to make a good team in Genshin Impact?
Form good team in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a role-playing game that requires players to choose 4 different characters who will be playing the role of the party members when the traveler is asked to complete some quests or daily commissions. As players farm for primogems or purchase the fates to acquire characters from standard or time-limited banner, they should also keep prior knowledge regarding the crucial points while making a team. In some instances, making a good team and building them with right artifacts can help the players to defeat strong enemies. Here are some tips to make a good team.

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5 tips to make a good in Genshin Impact

While it completely depends upon the players as to which character they should choose while taking on the hilichurls, slimes or Abyss mages, they should always consider these points while forming a team to benefit completely from the huge option of the characters.

Pick up the primary damage dealer

How to make a good team in Genshin Impact?
DPS characters

The first and foremost point a Genshin Impact player should keep in mind while forming a team is that they should keep a DPS character or the character that deals heavy damage regardless of the element. Characters like Diluc, Keqing, Razor or Xiao unleash powerful Normal Attacks or Elemental Bursts that can defeat the enemy within seconds.

Off field DPS

How to make a good team in Genshin Impact?
Off field DPS

Players should also keep an off field DPS character in their team. An off field DPS character generally refers to someone who can provide damage even if they are not an active character. Fischl, Xiangling and Xingqui are best examples of these characters whose off-field damage proves to be vital in several cases.

Choosing the support character wisely

It is always important to pick up that support character whose element is complementary to your primary damage dealer. For instance, if you’re choosing a Cryo character as your primary damage dealer then you should choose your support character who uses the Hydro or Electro element as they will double the amount of damage given.

Always keep a healer

How to make a good team in Genshin Impact?

Sometimes Genshin Impact players tend to underestimate the enemies which leads to their squad getting completely wiped out. Therefore, it is important to keep healers in your team like Qiqi, Barbara, Kokomi or Noelle. They can save you from consuming food every time. Moreover, the recent patches already show that healers are going to become important in the game.

Pick two characters with same element

How to make a good team in Genshin Impact?
Same elements

Elemental reactions with different characters is an important aspect in Genshin Impact. We recommend the players to keep two characters in the team who are blessed with the same element. This tends to increase the overall damage given to the enemies. However, you can also try out the elemental reactions by choosing characters of different elements.

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