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Top 5 reasons to pull for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact 2.5 update

Yae Miko is an upcoming 5-star Electro character in Genshin Impact. Here are 5 reasons to pull for her.

Should you pull for Yae Miko?

The pre-installation function of the Genshin Impact 2.5 update is just a few hours away as the update gets ready to be rolled out on February 16th,2022. Yae Miko, the 5-star Electro character is scheduled to appear in the update, and here are some reasons that players should pull for her.

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact had previously got her character teaser where players noticed some interesting details about her. A web event giving 40 primogems was also launched, helping players to interact more with the 5-star Electro character. She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful character in the game and her buffs also accelerated her damage potential. If you’re facing a dilemma as to whether you should spend your primogems on her, this article is just for you.

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Genshin Impact 2.5 update: 5 reasons to pull for Yae Miko

Yae Miko is the first character banner of Genshin Impact 2.5 update who also has her signature weapon called Kagura’s Verity, a 5-star catalyst. She will become playable on 16th February,2022 and her banner will also consist of 4-star characters such as Diona, Fischl and Thoma.

5) Stellar animations

Yae Miko animations

Lately, the developers of the role-playing game have been putting up a lot of efforts to create a beautiful animation of different characters. Yae Miko’s animations leaked by data miners caught the eyes of several players which make her more appealing compared to other characters.

4) Great synergy with Inazuma characters

Yae Miko and Raiden

Fans are already aware that Genshin Impact 2.5 update will shift to the story of Inazuma as Yae Miko belongs from that region. She works great along with another Electro character, Raiden Shougun offering a high energy cost burst. She can also synergize well with Kokomi as Hydro and Electro provide great damage to the enemies.

3) Constant off field-damage

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact will be versatile as she can work both as a Sub DPS as well as DPS character. Her elemental skill Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura can create 3 Sakuras simultaneously that can provide constant Electro DMG even if you are not using the character at that time.

2) Extremely mobile

Sesshou Sakuras

Yae Miko, the Kitsune is very elusive in her gameplay. Her kit mainly centres around her Elemental skill as she summons Sakuras on the field and the best part, she dashes forward while planting these Sakuras that give a satisfying Electro DMG to the enemies. Her flexible nature helps her to move around quickly among her enemies.

1) Huge damage potential

Yae Miko’s burst

Genshin Impact 2.5 update will bring new bosses and enemies but Travelers do not need to worry as Yae Miko has a huge damage potential. Her elemental burst covers a large AoE as it summons lightning strikes from the sky, pairing her up with a 4-star Electro character such as Fischl will greatly increase the damage output.

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