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Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy: An in-depth comparison of two popular RPGs

A raging war has started between the RPG community as players have started comparing Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy after the latter game's worldwide release.

Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy

Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy: The video gaming industry has saw the release of a plethora of role playing games but if one asks the ongoing popular RPG, only the name of Genshin Impact pops up in our mind. While several games were considered to be ‘Genshin Killers’, none of them were actually able to surpass the anime styled game by HoYoverse.

However, with Tower of Fantasy witnessing its worldwide release, things might have taken a different turn. Prominent streamers such as Tectone, SevyPlays who mostly grinded Genshin Impact are not shying from trying out this new fantasy game by Hotta Studio. If you’re an avid RPG player, then taking a look at Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy will be worth your time.

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Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy: Has Hotta Studio brought the game changer?

Tower of Fantasy

While Chinese players were able to enjoy Tower of Fantasy for a long period of time, it was only in 11th August this year that the global gaming market was able to enter the open interactive world of Tower of Fantasy. On the other hand, Genshin Impact by HoYoverse (miHoYo previously) with its frequent content and updates has established a solid market.

A comparison of Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy is therefore going to be immensely intriguing, especially to those players who like to grind for gacha games. While on the surface level, both of these ‘gacha games’ feature a handful number of characters and weapons, there are some notable differences between these two RPGs.

Graphics and combat

While Genshin Impact is designed for the ‘otakus’ of the world, Tower of Fantasy welcomes players who are interested in modernized weapons or characters. In terms of graphics, both the games are currently at par with each other with Genshin taking the upper hand in some aspects.


As for the combat, Genshin players are able to acquire 4 different characters that vary in terms of their abilities and power, in Tower of Fantasy, it’s your sole character against the monsters with some buffs provided from the weapons that you are able to pull from the banner.

Transportation in the open world

One of the most important features of an open-world game is the mode of transportation that players can use while exploring the world. While comparing Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy, the latter RPG has more of a fast travel system as it features vehicles, from a motorcycle to a horse, that’s right, one can even travel the world through a horse whereas Genshin Impact only offers gliders for moderate travel pace.

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Coming to the next part that most of the RPG players seek is a good plot or in-game lore. In the aspect of the game’s story, Genshin Impact starts the game right with a fight between a formidable woman or goddess and two siblings, out of which only one remains alive.

Genshin Impact opening cutscene

Tower of Fantasy, on the other hand brings more of a futuristic content on the plate as the world is set on the year 2659 where some ‘survivors’ from a previous catastrophe are struggling with their life.


Characters in Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy have a notable difference look in which several Genshin players believe that the option given to Tower of Fantasy players is more beneficial to the players. In Tower of Fantasy, one can customize their characters according to their comfortability and then jump for the combat, whereas Genshin doesn’t allow one to do so.

Other player interaction

Interaction with players

Interacting with other players is quite easy in Genshin Impact as you just have to head over to the Co-OP mode and invite your friends to your world of Teyvat. However, in Tower of Fantasy, the PvP mode allows one to have a brawl with other players and defeat them eventually.

In concluding the Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy comparison, it can be said that the latter game is not a ‘killer’ of this game as it has its kind of futuristic world. Moreover, Tower of Fantasy is made for players who like to venture solo in their world by buffing up their weapons or chosen character.

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