George Geddes accused of sexual harassment by collegiate Valorant player

Valorant journalist George Geddes gets accused of sexual harassment.

George Geddes accused of sexual harassment by collegiate Valorant player

George Geddes (via Linkedn)

George Geddes is a prominent eSports journalist who is mainly focused on VALORANT. He has been accused by many young females for sexual harassment across various social media sites. The United Kingdom based journalist has been a big name for VALORANT update and news on Twitter currently working for Dot Esports.

Recently a female collegiate VALORANT player tweeted that George Geddes had been sexually harassing her over Snapchat messages. She claims that she is not the only victim of George’s harassment, but this list include multiple young females who had just turned 18. After many females tweeted to the thread on Twitter it was revealed George Geddes has been making a move on younger females across various social media sites including Discord. As the tweet from some females claim, he has been sexually harassing them and degrading them. He has gone as far as inviting them to Discord and asking them if they were interested in sexual intercourse.


It was revealed that George has been harassing for quite a while and people have been trying to get this man to justice. Other girls showed support for the female collegiate player for coming forward with her story. They praised her for her bravery. A girl on Twitter even claimed that the number of girls harassed by George has hit double digits. George Geddes, the accused journalist, has made no comment regarding this matter and it remains unknown whether the accusations are true.

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VALORANT Challengers 2023: NA Split 2

Untitled design 26

The Split 2 of the VALORANT Challengers League 2023 North American Split starts on 18th April 2023 ending at 19th May 2023. With Canadian team M80 holding a firm lead heading into the split 2 of the tournament. .


The 12 teams head into the tournament with high hopes of securing a spot in the play offs of the VCL tournament. The top four teams to finish with most points in split 1 in order with M80 being first were:

  • M80
  • The Guard
  • G2 Esports
  • TSM

With the 2nd split of the VCL 2023 North America around the corner, fans anticipate the 2nd split to be a tough and interesting one with all the new changes to the roster by teams.

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