Grand Theft Auto’s first female protagonist, Lucia rumoured to be transgender in GTA 6

With the GTA 6 trailer out, there have been a new rumor online, that the game's protagonist, Lucia is a transgender woman!

Grand Theft Auto’s first female protagonist, Lucia rumoured to be transgender in GTA 6

Lucia from GTA 6 (credits: Rockstar Games)

The lengthy wait and constant speculations are over! For years, what fans have been waiting for has happened. Grand Theft Auto 6, the most anticipated game of the decade, now gets a trailer thanks to Rockstar Games. After a ten-year wait, it has finally arrived. Furthermore, with the trailer out, fans are looking forward to the new protagonists! Recently, a rumor regarding GTA’s first female protagonist, Lucia, has spiraled that they are a transgender in GTA 6!

The Grand Theft Auto series has completely altered the gaming community’s perception of Open-World games. Moreover, GTA 5 has garnered a lot of success and made billions in money since its launch 10 years ago. Furthermore, the next installment in the series, GTA 6, has been in development hell for years now. And the new trailer has totally created a really wild hype in the fan base!


Moreover, the Grand Theft Auto series has given fans and gamers worldwide some of the most iconic video game characters ever! Additionally, with the game situated in Vice City, fans are reminiscing about GTA Vice City’s Protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, quite a lot. However, with a new game comes new protagonists! And one of GTA 6 characters, who’s also the first female protagonist of the GTA series, Lucia, is rumored to be transgender!

Is GTA 6’s protagonist, Lucia, transgender?

The Grand Theft Auto series has had some of the best protagonists in the gaming community. From GTA 4’s Franklin, Michael & Trevor to GTA 4’s Claude & San Andreas CJ, there have been many great characters. Moreover, with the trailer for GTA 6 out, fans are now looking forward to seeing GTA 6’s protagonist! And GTA 6 features the entire Grand Theft Auto’s first-ever female protagonist, Lucia.

Grand Theft Auto's first female protagonist, Lucia rumoured to be transgender in GTA 6
Lucis in GTA 6 (credits: Rockstar Games)

Furthermore, even the recent trailer launch was more from the perspective of Lucis instead of the male protagonist, Jason, although the name has yet to be confirmed by Rockstar Games. Ever since Rockstar Games unveiled the GTA 6 trailer, the internet community has been a hive of activity. Recently, there has been a story going around the internet that the GTA 6’s protagonist, Lucia, identifies as a transgender woman.


Long-lasting discussions about this have occurred on social media, with some people completely rejecting the hypothesis and others finding it offensive. Although, this is just a rumor, and some random X user said it on the platform as a joke! There have been many debates on it online, and not one user has any confirmation of this new information. Moreover, considering the normal GTA formula, this rumor can very well stay as just a rumor.

Although more will be known with time, there are a lot of leaks and news that need confirmation. And Lucia, being a transgender woman in GTA 6, is just another new addition to the list. As of right now, this is just a rumor with no official confirmation, so fans need to be on the lookout for any new information!

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