GreekGodx gets banned on Twitch! Here’s why!

Greekgodx, an ex-TSM streamer, has received his third ban on Twitch and the reason is still under dispute!


Greekgodx, known for his amazing weightloss journey that he made back in 2020, has been banned for a third time from the amazon owned streaming platform, Twitch.

The official reason for the ban is yet to be revealed by Twitch but Antonatos thinks it was due to him twerking on stream while his viewers may disagree on that.

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Greekgodx gets banned from Twitch

Dimitri Antonatos, more famously known as his streaming name, Greekgodx, is a Twitch streamer who was previously affiliated with TSM but is now an independent streamer.

Greekgodx TSM

Greekgodx is also famously known for the time he took a long break from twitch to go on his incredibly successful weight loss journey back in 2020 after which he has been somewhat of an irregular streamer.

It was on June 28th, that Dimitri went on a stream, topless, and started on what can only be called a rant about various topics from current affairs, other streamers, and the reason to why he’s single.

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The streamer received a ban hours after finishing up with his stream after which none of his clips or VODs were available to anyone to watch publicly as protocol says after a ban.

GreekgodX took to twitter to reveal the reason for his band stating that it was due to him twerking on his stream and will post such content only to “ticktok” from now on.


However, his viewers think the actual reason for his ban might be a bit different than what he thinks and it might actually be due to the sexist comments that he had made on his June 28 stream.

While talking about not having a partner, he said that if a woman wanted to date him, he would expect her to be “in the kitchen“, cooking and cleaning and taking care of the children while he “made the money


I’m going to sit here streaming, earn all the money. You’re going to be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and making sure my home is f**king clean.” were his exact words.

The real reason, as we said, is yet to be revealed by twitch if they ever will that is, but you can rest assured that if they do, we will be here to cover it.

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