“GTA 5 remains the best” – Fans outrage on social media as the conversation around GTA 6 being locked at 30 FPS heats up

Fans angry over GTA 6 potentially being locked at 30 frames per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles

“GTA 5 remains the best” – Fans outrage on social media as the conversation around GTA 6 being locked at 30 FPS heats up

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The launch of the GTA 6 trailer gave fans a ton of information about the game, such as the game’s setting, the female protagonist, the massive Vice City map, and many vehicles teased. The trailer also gave us much information about the game’s release. Fans now know the game is coming in 2025 and launching for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

While there have been hilarious memes about the 2025 launch date, there is a noticeable absence regarding the game’s release platforms. Rockstar Games has made no mention of whether or not the game is releasing for PC. Rockstar Games generally releases their games for PC a year or two after launch.


This means the game will work on limited hardware for up to two years. Console designers make significant compromises to the hardware to meet a specific price point. This has stirred rumours in the gaming community that modern generation consoles cannot run GTA 6 smoothly without significant FPS dips.

Fans speculate that Rockstar Games might be trading responsiveness for the fantastic visuals they have incorporated into the game. It is worth noting that GTA V also launched for the Xbox 360 & PS3 at 30 FPS. However, since the PS4 & Xbox One launch, most games have been running between 45-60 FPS on both consoles.

GTA 6 reportedly being locked at 30 FPS is making fans upset

Unlike PCs, Console versions of games are often locked at a particular framerate. This is done to ensure a smooth and consistent framerate throughout the experience. For example, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles can render 120 FPS. However, most games for these platforms are capped at 30 or 60 FPS. Recent examples are Starfield and Spider-Man 2’s Fidelity mode, both locked at 30 FPS for the current generation of consoles.

GTA 6 Vice City skyline
Vice City in GTA 6(Image via Rockstar Games)

Both of these games received backlash and ridicule for this lock. Many fans claim the game won’t be as enjoyable without a 30 FPS frame lock. They say the gameplay will not be smooth enough for fans to have an immersive experience. Not all fans are ready to accept this rumour yet, as Rockstar has had no official word regarding this situation.

As of now, Rockstar Games has not confirmed anything about GTA 6’s FPS on the console. The game is almost 1 and a half year away players should keep calm wait for devs to give official regarding FPS on PlayStation and Xbox Series X/S.

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