Rockstar Games reportedly set to introduce age progression system to the upcoming GTA 6

Rockstar Games reportedly set to introduce age progression system to the upcoming GTA 6

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According to Take-Two and Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto 6 will include a lot of realistic mechanics. The dynamic weather, day/night cycle, and other such features are some of these speculated new mechanics. Furthermore, there were also rumors of Rockstar Games adding a dynamic hair growth system like RDR2 to the game. However, this time, new leaks suggest that devs might be adding an Age Progression system in GTA 6 that makes characters age as players play the game!

The lengthy wait and constant speculations are over! Rockstar Games has officially revealed that the GTA 6 trailer will debut in early December. There have been a ton of theories regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 in the last several months. Recently, there was a leak that Rockstar Games would announce GTA 6 in the last week of October. That proved to be a false alarm, though. Furthermore, it completely crushed the fans’ expectations!


However, the official announcement from Rockstar Games has rejuvenated fans all around. Moreover, there have been many leaks and rumors regarding the supposed features that would be available in GTA 6. And the new rumor regarding an Age Progression system in GTA 6 has totally baffled fans!

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Rumors suggest an Age Progression system coming to GTA 6

With regard to GTA 6, there are a lot of leaks and rumors. Additionally, one of the most well-known leaks states that the developers are going to put the next game in the well-known Vice City. Since then, leakers have posted a ton of theories about who and what may appear in the game online. The cult favorite Malibu Club and even Tommy Vercetti coming to the game are among the nostalgic themes that leakers indicate GTA 6 will include a ton of!

GTA 6: Rockstar Games to add an age progression system to the game, characters would age as gamers play the game
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Moreover, one of Rockstar’s major selling games, Red Dead Redemption 2 had loads of realistic features. And there are speculations that many of those features would be coming to GTA 6, too. However, an Age Progression system in GTA 6 wasn’t something fans were expecting to pop-up during discussions!

From a dynamic hair growth system present in RDR2 to rumored to be added to GTA 6 to now an Age progression system, there are loads of such leaks. This supposed system would make the characters in-game age as players play the game. These kinds of realistic features are something Grand Theft Auto games are famous for. GTA San Andreas has a mechanic where eating too much would bloat the playable character’s stomach!

Although this is still a leak, considering the amount of money poured into the development of GTA 6, such a mechanic wouldn’t be that surprising. Rockstar Games has yet to confirm any of the rumors regarding their upcoming game circulating online and the trailer launch in December would answer a lot of questions that fans have!


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