GTA Online: All new vehicles released on Day 1 With San Andreas Mercenaries update

Certain existing vehicles have also received purchasable updates.

GTA Online: All new vehicles released on Day 1 With San Andreas Mercenaries update

Grand Theft Auto has garnered a lot of hype since its release a decade ago. GTA Online has not died yet due to ongoing fixes and upgrades. Adding new heists, missions, and races has kept the game alive through constant online updates. The new DLC update is one of the most explosive ones for GTA Online. It is quite literally explosive. The San Andreas Mercenaries update brings new vehicles, weapons, events, and much more.

This DLC update involves tying players up with one of the prominent NPCs of the game, Charlie Reed. The corrupted Merryweather Security will be fought by players on a journey. Moreover, a Renegade Outfit will be recruiting players, and they will fight against Merryweather and other similar villains. This update includes events in all three spaces of the game: Land, air, and water. This update features loads of new vehicles and a new weapon.

GTA Online is receiving even more vehicles with the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC. The whole reason for the success of the GTA Series is its vehicles. So, getting new vehicles is always a welcome offer to the player base by Rockstar Games.

Apart from the new vehicles, certain existing ones have come with new upgrades. These upgrades are for both jets and sports cars. The Avenger has received an upgrade, along with one of the fan-favorite sports car, the Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT.

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List of new vehicles with prices released with the San Andreas Mercenaries Update

GTA Online: All new vehicles released on Day 1 With San Andreas Mercenaries update
(credits: Rockstar Games)

Here’s a list of vehicles released with this new update, with their prices and the domain where they are available:

Legendary Motorsport

  • Grotti Itali GTO Stinger – $2,380,000

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

  • Vapid Clique Wagon – $1,205,000
  • Vapid Ratel – $1,873,000
  • Declasse Walton L35 – $1,670,000
  • Maibatsu MonstroCiti – $1,485,000

Warstock Cash and Carry

  • F-160 Raiju Jet – $5,141,250
  • Streamer216 Light Aircraft – $2,238,000

Fans have varied reactions to these new vehicles:

The player base is excited about this update. The new vehicles with updated prices and vehicle upgrades are a really good update for GTA Online. Although we don’t know whether this update will be the last for GTA Online or not, this update is really good for the existing game.

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